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Questions about Both Sides of the Abortion Debate

Questions about Both Sides of the Abortion DebateMany states, including Texas, are in the throes of debates over access to abortions. Many fear or hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will one day overturn Row vs. Wade and decide that all or most abortions are illegal. If that day comes, many people will say it iswas much the fault of the “pro-choice” movement as of anyone.Why? Because both sides in the debates over abortion have been too absolutistic, too totalizing—either shouting that all … [Read more...]

A Theology of Duck Dynasty (Or What Duck Dynasty Says about American Culture and Christianity)

A Theology of Duck Dynasty (Or What Duck Dynasty Says about American Culture and Christianity)A while ago a good friend suggested I “check out” the television “reality show” Duck Dynasty. He said that it’s indicative of an aspect of American culture and, as a theologian who believes theology should be culturally aware and relevant, I should at least know about it. He also mentioned that many people consider the show “Christian” in some sense as at least some of the stars speak in churches. He … [Read more...]

The Best and Worst Christian Songs–Your Nominations

The Best and Worst Christian Songs—Your NominationsI invite you to nominate Christian songs as “best” and “worst” using theology as the criterion. Please do not include whole verses or choruses in your nominating comment! Copyright laws forbid it. Just include a line or two and how that illustrates what’s theologically good or bad about the song. Follow my example below.Also, please explain your nominations briefly.Finally, please do not nominate songs that are so obscure nobody would … [Read more...]

Is there Vitality in “Mainline Religion?”

Is there Vitality in “Mainline Religion?”Yesterday (July 23, 2013) my colleague Philip Jenkins posted an article from The New York Times on his blog. The article is entitled “A Religious Legacy, with Its Leftward Tilt, Is Reconsidered.” (No URL was provided, so I’m not providing one here. Google the article or go to the NYT web site to read it.)The gist of the article is that scholars and the media have focused so much attention on evangelical Christians in the past several decades that t … [Read more...]

Jesus Always First (Not “Jesus Only”)

Jesus Always First (Not “Jesus Only”)Here’s the theological question behind this musing: When composing a Christian statement of faith, a statement of faith for a Christian church, educational institution, whatever, what or whom should the first article be about? Where should it begin?Two candidates spring to mind because they are often used as confessional statements’ starting points—the Bible and “God.” There are good biblical, historical and philosophical warrants for both starting poi … [Read more...]

Are Men the New Second-Class Citizens? (My Appearance on HuffPostLive July 19, 2013)

Are Men the New Second-Class Citizens? (My Appearance on HuffPostLive July 19, 2013)Yesterday I appeared with two other guests on the internet program HuffPostLive at 3:30 PM EDT. The subject of our web interview and discussion was the following column published by Fox News: . The column, which you should at least glance at before reading this, is by a woman and argues that society has changed such that now, unlike in the … [Read more...]

A Few Thoughts about Blogging: If You Plan to Comment, Please Read This!

First, let me say that blogging is a joy for me. I do it out of a sense of mission. In my opinion, there are too few moderate evangelicals blogging about serious theological subjects and attempting to steer a path between theological conservatism and liberalism.Second, let me say thanks to all of you who only read and a special thanks to those who engage constructively in dialogue here. I benefit from reading many of your responses to what I write and enjoy even the well-thought-out and … [Read more...]