The Best and Worst Christian Songs–Your Nominations

The Best and Worst Christian Songs—Your Nominations

I invite you to nominate Christian songs as “best” and “worst” using theology as the criterion. Please do not include whole verses or choruses in your nominating comment! Copyright laws forbid it. Just include a line or two and how that illustrates what’s theologically good or bad about the song. Follow my example below.

Also, please explain your nominations briefly.

Finally, please do not nominate songs that are so obscure nobody would have ever heard of them or songs drawn from non-Christian sources or hymnbooks (etc.) of denominations considered sectarian or “cultic” for doctrinal reasons. Choose songs large swaths of Christians might have sung or heard.

My nomination for best Christian song is “And Can It Be?” by Charles Wesley. The whole gospel is there—everything one needs to know to understand the gospel. Sure, it uses imagery that needs explaining to most unchurched contemporary people (and some churched ones, too!), but theologically it is comprehensive and profound. I have sung it in all kinds of churches—including strongly Calvinist ones. It’s beautiful, theologically profound, thought-provoking and God-glorifying.

My nomination for worst Christian song is “He Was There All the Time.” A line from the chorus says of Jesus “…waiting patiently in line; he was there all the time.” The overall gist of the song is that Jesus is the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end and just waiting in a line among other good things to be chosen. This was recorded by several Christian recording artists some years ago and I have heard it sung as a “special number” (trios, duets, solos, choirs) in churches. Obviously, someone wasn’t thinking biblically or theologically. It reminds me of the bumper sticker I saw just yesterday that says “Jesus Is the Pizza of Life!” Seriously.

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  • Lacroix

    “I scarce can take it in”……whatever one’s view of the atonement might be, something happened at the cross, and like the song says, “I scarce can take it in”

  • John

    Worst song theologically has to be Strange to Save the World! In this song it suggest Joseph believes that Jesus should have been born to someone else (preferably the rulers of the world which at that time were pagans) and the song focuses more on his selfish needs and material things when during Christmas we need to be less about material things and more about Jesus instead! Really dumb song if you ask me!

    Best song so many to choose from it’s hard! Of course the last good decade for Christian music was the 90s. Since then it’s like Christian music has lost it’s creativity and is going just for either generic worship songs that all sound the same (Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Hillsong, Jesus Culture, etc) or lame no heart at all songs that are just boring and just put you to sleep (Matt Maher, Sidewalk Prophets, The Museum) American Idol rejects (Mandisa, Colton Dixon) and then there’s TobyMac who just sounds terrible every since he left DC Talk!

  • Garrett

    I might be late to the party here, but…

    BEST – Let Us Love and Sing and Wonder. Indelible Grace Music has a wonderful modernized rendition thereof.

    WORST – I’m shocked that nobody has mentioned this. “Draw Me Close to You.” The whole of the song is a seemingly physical relationship with someone. Nothing about this other person gets mentioned at all. And if one might assume this other person is the God of the Bible (because the song is “Christian,”) the lyric “Help me find a way to bring me back to you” presumes that Christ’s sacrifice is insufficient to bring us into a right relationship with God and that the speaker is NOT in such a relationship. It’s absolute puking crap!

  • Jiffery

    The people that penned most of the old hymns lead less privilege lives than most of us. That is why they sometime sang of glorious mansions. People nowadays who long for more suffering and stuff were not heard of in those day.

  • Spookstaz

    Worst one ever for me is “In the Secret” it completely fails to mention who we are even singing the song to (could be Jesus, mother earth, Shiva or the person I have a crush on). In fact the dreadfully vague lyrics seem to be mostly about a plan to sneak out and meet up with someone for secret illicit sex.

    As for the best song I’d suggest “Great is thy faithfulness” because it is worshipful and is consistent with the Bible