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What Is “Liberal Theology?”

During my career as a Christian theologian I have several times been accused of being either liberal or on the way to being liberal. The accusers clearly meant liberal as in "liberal theology"--not liberal politically (which I am). John Piper told me to my face that he perceived me as "on a liberal trajectory." (I immediately pictured myself being shot out of a cannon like the stuntmen in the old circuses!) Most recently Gerald McDermott has claimed that I and my fellow "meliorists" (I prefer … [Read more...]

Case Studies in “Re-forming Orthodoxy”

Case Studies in "Re-forming Orthodoxy"Of course, following one definition of "orthodoxy" nobody should "re-form" it. That definition is simply "right thinking" or "theological correctness." If you're convinced a doctrine is true and correct, then you wouldn't want to re-form it. However, there are other definitions of "orthodoxy." A common one is "what ought to be believed." Closely linked with that is "established doctrine."Every denomination has some idea, whether written or not, of … [Read more...]

A Final Word (Hopefully) about the McDermott Article and My Alleged “Meliorism”

A Final Word (Hopefully) about the McDermott Article and My Alleged “Meliorism”If you have not read my two previous (and recent) blog posts about theologian Gerald McDermott’s article “The Emerging Divide in Evangelical Theology” (Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society 56:2 [June 2013]) this third one will not make much sense to you. I urge you to read those first, if not the article itself.Since the second post, I have received many e-mails about the article and about my objectio … [Read more...]

Returning to the Issue of International Adoption

 A few months ago I posted some comments here about pitfalls in international adoptions. Here is a case study in three web sites. Even if you aren't already interested in this issue, please take a look. Feel free to spread these links far and … [Read more...]