How Do We Know When God Is “Busy” Among Us?

How Do We Know When God is “Busy” Among Us?

Theologian Stanley Hauerwas says that the only evidence of the church being the church is when God is busy among us. I like that. If I recall correctly he also says God being busy among is the only real proof of God’s existence.

My question to you is “What does that look like? What happens when God is busy among us?”

Please be specific. Don’t just say “Lives transformed.” How? Perhaps give an example of a situation when you believe you have actually witnessed God busy among his people.

I’ll begin. A memory from long ago—during the “Jesus People” movement. Our church opened its doors (figuratively speaking) to local college students who would be classified as “hippies.” Our church also included quite a few older folks with very strict ideas about things like appropriate dress in church.

I remember seeing an elderly German woman we all called “Sister Bartels,” her dress down to her ankles and her hair up in a bun on her head, hugging a young man with hair down to his waist, no shoes, raggedy jeans and a guitar slung over his back—in the foyer of the church. The two were about as opposite in dress and appearance as you can imagine.

That mental image symbolizes how busy God was in that church then. People of all kinds, from all walks of life, with very different ideas and personal styles, came together to worship together, pray for each other, support one another. “See how they love one another” was the church’s reputation.

God was busy in that church then.

How have you seen God being “busy” among Christians? What does that look like? Please keep your answers as brief as possible. Thank you for participating.

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