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Inclusivism Revisited: Guest Post by William Walker III

William (Bill) Walker III is earning his Ph.D. in theology and ethics from Claremont Graduate University with Anselm K. Min as his mentor. He teaches courses in ethics at a university in San Antonio, Texas. He is a former student of mine and now I am also proud to call him my friend. Posting his essay on inclusivism here does not imply that I agree with everything in it. However, I think it is thought-provoking and well worth considering. It's also erudite and very well written. Enjoy and … [Read more...]

How We Should Handle “Fallen Leaders”

As usual, my musings here are primarily about the larger evangelical community. Catholics and so-called "mainline Protestants" can listen in and exchange ideas, but my thoughts here are primarily about how we evangelicals should handle fallen leaders.It seems every year another well-known evangelical personality is exposed as having clay feet (or worse). I'm going to avoid naming names here because I have no interest in participating in the feeding frenzy that follows such exposures--and … [Read more...]

Review of Apostles of Reason by Molly Worthen Part Two

Review of Apostles of Reason by Molly Worthen Part TwoBefore reading this you should have read Part One which was posted earlier. Each installment of this three part review focuses on one of the three parts of the book. This one focuses on Part II: To Evangelize the World.In Part II Worthen continues to hit the right notes. Here is how she ends this Part and Chapter 7 “Renewing the Church Universal”:“By the final decade of the twentieth century, commentators who insisted on drafting a … [Read more...]

Some Thoughts about Being Understood (and Misunderstood)

A serious health problem (not my own) has required an interruption of my reading and reviewing of Apostles of Reason. I'll get back to that as soon as possible. Please stay tuned...In the meantime, I'd like to reflect here briefly on the frustrations of a blogger trying (often unsuccessfully) to be clear.Let me use my recent post about "Why I Am Not a Process Theologian" as an example. Many (!) commenters have misunderstood my intention there. I thought my intention was clear, but it was … [Read more...]

Review of Apostles of Reason: The Crisis of Authority in American Evangelicalism (Part One)

Review of Apostles of Reason: The Crisis of Authority in American Evangelicalism by Molly Worthen (Oxford University Press) Part OneThis review will appear in three parts corresponding with the three parts of the book. This first installment covers the book's introduction and Part I: Knights Inerrant.(Feel free to skip the first nine paragraphs which are autobiographical. The review of Worthen's book actually begins with paragraph ten.)I admit to having a weakness for books about … [Read more...]

Is America Becoming a Police State?

Is American Becoming a Police State?A few months ago I was having a discussion with a group of very socially conscious, highly intelligent graduate students who read widely and deeply in social and political ethics. Somehow the question whether America could ever become a police state came up. One student perceptively asked "How would we know?" What he meant was, how would we know if we were in a police state? Do most people who live in police states know they are living in a police … [Read more...]

Why I Am Not a Process Theologian

Why I Am Not a Process TheologianLutheran theologian Robert Jenson once quipped that the only thing wrong with process theology is that it is such an attractive alternative to Christian faith. I agree.Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying people who believe in process theology cannot be Christians. Lots of people are Christians whose theology is profoundly messed up. Maybe the majority of Christians’ theology is profoundly messed up!What I am saying is that insofar as a person believes … [Read more...]