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Are All Idols Equal?

Are All Idols Equal?Christians believe there is only one true God—the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). All other “gods” are false; they do not exist. John Calvin said that apart from faith in Christ the human mind is nothing but a factory of idols. Many Protestants, especially, agree with him about that. Karl Barth, the most influential modern Protestant theologian, argued against all forms of natural theology and saw every notion of God outside of Jesus Christ as false and useless. Apa … [Read more...]

Young. Restless. No Longer Reformed (a really good new book)

I can't resist announcing the publication of a new book: "Young. Restless. No Longer Reformed" by my friend Austin Fischer--teaching pastor at The Vista Community Church in Temple, Texas. It is extremely well written, accessible to people without a college or seminary degree, thoroughly biblical and fascinating. It's Austin's autobiographical-theological account of his journey into, through and out of the "Young, restless, Reformed" movement. It's not the least polemical or harsh towards those … [Read more...]

Whatever Happened to the New Age Movement (NAM)?

Whatever Happened to the New Age Movement (NAM)?If you didn't live through the 1980s or were too young to notice cultural movements and events, you may not remember or even know about the so-called "New Age Movement" (henceforth "NAM"). Even if you did, and were aware of the hype surrounding it, you may never have figured out what it was. You wouldn't be alone. Everyone talked about it, but few seemed to know what it was—beyond Shirley MacLaine's shenanigans. (She talked openly on television … [Read more...]

Books I’m Reading Right Now (and Why)

Books I'm Reading Right Now (and Why)This is a little unusual—compared to most of my blog posts, but I am often asked what I'm reading at the moment. Then, when I answer, some ask "Why?" I don't know why people are interested in what I'm reading, but apparently some are. This blog is my "musings" and telling what I'm reading and why counts as musings. Maybe someone out there will be informed about reading in a way that's helpful.I guess I read about a hundred books a year—although I must … [Read more...]

The Journey from Folk Religion to Examined Faith (Outline of a Talk)

I recently gave this talk to a group of very bright young Christian student workers at various universities. They came together for a "summit" and I was asked to speak to them on this subject--from my book Questions to All Your Answers: The Journey from Folk Religion to Examined Faith. I apologize for the formatting; that is what WordPress does to an outline created in Word and cut-and-pasted here. Although this is not an essay, I think you can easily get the gist of it from the major and minor … [Read more...]

Are Men Obsolete? Are Boys in Danger? More on the “Decline of Men” and the “Boy Crisis”

Are Men Obsolete? Are Boys in Danger? More on The "Decline of Men" and The "Boy Crisis"These musings were triggered by some recent articles and blog posts. A December (2013) Time article described a national effort in Sweden to erase gender distinctions that, many men say, is really aimed at erasing masculinity. Another December Time article reported on a scholarly conference held in 2013 that asked "Are Men Obsolete?" A Patheos blogger argued during the same month that society, especially … [Read more...]

My Response to Oppenheimer’s New York Times Article on Evangelicals and Calvinism

The article is "Evangelicals Find Themselves in the Midst of a Calvinist Revival." The author is columnist Mark Oppenheimer. The place of publication in The New York Times. The date is January 3, 2014. (That was the date of its release; it may not appear in print until later.) The article/column may be read at many web sites. Google the author's name and the article's title.I am quoted in the article. To be quoted in the New York Times (and an article/column that will be syndicated widely to … [Read more...]