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Subterranean Theology (Part 2)

Subterranean Theology (Part 2)At the end of Part 1 (immediately preceding blog post) I asked: "When a difference in theology is rooted in subterraneanism, is there any way forward toward settling which is right and which is wrong (if that’s important)? Are any common criteria for evaluating subterranean perspectives on pre-biblical issues?"Of course, to understand this post you should first read Part 1.Perhaps I should make more clear here (than I did before) that I am only talking a … [Read more...]

Subterranean Theology (Part 1)

Subterranean Theology (Part 1)Lately I’ve become interested in exploring what I call “subterranean theology.” So what is that? Subterranean theology is presuppositions that lie beneath the explicit methods and doctrines of someone’s theology; it/they condition explicit, “above ground” theology often without being seen or acknowledged.Of course, I realize I’m not the first to do this! It’s a favorite topic of doctoral dissertations and theological tomes written for scholars. My interest is … [Read more...]

What Will Those Who Come after Us Say about Us?

What Will Those Who Come after Us Say about Us?Today I had lunch with an esteemed colleague whose special area of scholarship is Karl Barth's theology. We talked about how living and teaching in Germany when Hitler was coming to power and the "German Christian" movement was growing affected the Swiss theologian's thinking. And we talked about how Bonhoeffer and other German theologians responded to the rise of Naziism and "German Christianity." What explains why Barth and Bonhoeffer and … [Read more...]

Could Jesus Have Made Mistakes? An Exercise in Controversial Christology

Could Jesus Have Made Mistakes? An Exercise in Controversial ChristologyI was recently asked to comment on whether Jesus could have made mistakes. Here's the back story: A well known, controversial preacher publicly stated that there is a difference between "sin" and "mistake" and that, although Jesus did not sin, he may have made mistakes. The preacher's online sermon was bawdlerized to omit that statement. The assumption is that it created controversy.Now, many people would probably … [Read more...]