Who’s a “Real Evangelical?”

I had to laugh when I read a comment here (responding to one of my blog posts) calling me a "fauxevangelical." The prefix "faux-" means "fake." I'm not sure why the commenter didn't just say "fake evangelical." Maybe he thought calling me a "fauxevangelical" was less offensive and/or made him sound more intelligent.In any case, this was just the most recent on a long series of accusations that I'm not a "real evangelical"--whatever that means.Why do I care? Well, for one thing, there are … [Read more...]

Kudos to Two Former Students: A Book and A Debate

I am very proud of my students--past and present. Recently two of them have made what I consider powerful and positive contributions to the evangelical community (and beyond).Austin Fischer is teaching pastor at The Vista Community (church) in central Texas (Temple/Belton). He is the author of the much acclaimed book Young, Restless, No Longer Reformed that I reviewed and recommended here. If you haven't purchased it and read it, you should. He is the new up and coming evangelical spokesman … [Read more...]

Some Follow-up Thoughts about God and Genocide

Some Follow-up Thoughts about the Bible and Genocide Comments here responding to my earlier essay about Jesus, the children, and Old Testament texts of terror (e.g., God commanding Israel to slaughter infants) have often, in my opinion, distorted what I said—reading into my essay points I did not make. For example, I never suggested "cutting out" portions of Scripture and I certainly did not advocate Marcionism. These are ideas read into my essay, not out of it. The issue was l … [Read more...]

Guest Post by John Inglis Re: Carl Trueman’s First Things Article “A Church for Exiles”

Guest Post by John Inglis Re: Carl Trueman's First Things article "A Church for Exiles"  From Roger Olson: I agree with those who have suggested that frequent commenter John Inglis is an excellent and insightful writer. I asked him to work one of his recent comments into a guest post for this blog and below is his response. I couldn't have said it better myself.  Carl Trueman's “A Church for Exiles” and Roger Olson's response are worth working through carefully: if Chr … [Read more...]

Evangelical Superstars and Why They Fall

Some Thoughts about Evangelical Superstar Pastors and Evangelists and Why They FallIn recent weeks and months another American evangelical superstar pastor (also author and popular speaker) has fallen off his pedestal—if not completely at least partially and with a loud noise. As always when this happens, his followers and fans are divided. Some support him almost unconditionally while some accuse him of spiritual abuse, abuse of power and various misdeeds. It has all gone viral. This time, f … [Read more...]

An Arminian-Anabaptist Response to “A Church for Exiles” by Carl R. Trueman

An Arminian-Anabaptist Response to “A Church for Exiles” by Carl R. Trueman The August, 2014 issue of the journal First Things (online) contains an article by Westminster Theological Seminary church history professor Carl R. Trueman entitled “A Church for Exiles: Why Reformed Christianity Provides the Best Basis for Faith Today.” I suggest you read it before reading and considering my response here. (Simply “google” the title to find the article online.) I suggest reading the last paragraph of t … [Read more...]

Should Christians Fear Being “On the Wrong Side of History?”

Should Christians Fear Being "On the Wrong Side of History?"I cannot count the number of times I have heard people, including some Christians, say that Christians should adjust their view of sexuality (viz., become "welcoming and affirming" and support same-sex marriage) because, otherwise, they are going to turn out to be "on the wrong side of history." That's code for turning out to have been like our ancestors who defended slavery, oppression of women, and resisted the Civil Rights … [Read more...]