Christian Thoughts about Our (American) New National Holiday: Halloween

Christian Thoughts about Our (American) New National Holiday: HalloweenOf course, it’s not really a “national holiday” in any formal or legal sense; schools, banks and government offices don’t close on October 31. By “new national holiday” mean that, in recent years, what used to be an evening for kids to go door-to-door “trick or treating” has evolved into a popular festival day with television, schools and clubs devoting much time and attention to…whatever it is that Halloween celebrates. … [Read more...]

More God Talk: “Trinity Means Love”

Trinity Means Love: A Sermon to a Seminary CommunityEphesians 1Roger E. OlsonI love ironies.  Except when I’m caught in one.  For a long time I’ve advised seminary students not to preach on the Trinity.  Imagine my surprise, then, when I was “invited” to preach the first in a series of community gatherings for worship sermons on a new hymn written especially for the seminary where I teach: “Give Us Courage” together with Ephesians 1 and the invitation specified the Trinity as a possib … [Read more...]

Announcements about Two of My Books and a Forthcoming Book

Announcements about Two of My Books and about a Forthcoming BookI recently received a new printing of my book Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities (InterVarsity Press). The only thing new is the jacket including a new cover and new picture of me (on the back flap). Ironically, the picture on the cover is still of the Synod of Dort (1618-1619) at which Arminians (Remonstrants) were condemned and exiled from the Netherlands (then known as the United Provinces). A note kindly included in my … [Read more...]

“Let’s Talk about Jesus” Our Prophet, Priest and King

“Let’s Talk about Jesus” Our Prophet, Priest and KingRecently here someone chided me for not talking about Jesus enough. Well, in my own defense, my whole and entire reason for criticizing Calvinism (as well as other wrong theologies) is Jesus. Jesus as God incarnate, the perfect and yet understandable revelation of God, God’s character and will, forms the foundation and center of my whole theology. I thought I had made that clear, but apparently not explicitly enough for him.So let me sa … [Read more...]

A Rare, Good Television Sitcom: “Grinder”…Should Make Us Think about Our Culture

A Rare, Good Television “Sitcom”: “Grinder” (Fox TV) Holds Up a Mirror that Should Make Us Ashamed (Or at Least Embarrassed)Yes, I know, someone will tell me I watch too much television. My only defenses? First, I still accomplish quite a lot! (Try arguing with me about that and I’ll show you my curriculum vitae.) Second, it helps me keep in touch with popular culture. Students watch television. Just the other evening, in a class on “modern theology,” a student was trying to remember the name … [Read more...]

Getting to the Bottom of Thinking: There Is No “View from Nowhere”…

Getting to the Bottom of Thinking: There Is No “View from Nowhere” (And an Illustration from Differing Beliefs about God)When I encounter disagreement about which I care, I attempt to “dig down” to rock bottom presuppositions and work up from there. Often, disagreements over philosophical-theological issues have to do with presuppositions. Many years ago I began to think about philosophical-theological (and I might add social-political and ethical) disagreements in terms of governing, even dr … [Read more...]

Should a Christian Ever Act as if God Does Not Exist? (With a View toward Faith-Learning Integration)

“Should A Christian Ever Act As If God Does Not Exist? (With A View toward Faith-Learning Integration)”Samford University Holley-Hull Lecture October 8, 2015Roger E. OlsonAbout two years ago I became acquainted with sociologist of religion Peter Berger who is a distinguished visiting professor at Baylor University. Of course I have known of Berger for many years and was actually a bit surprised when he called me and invited me to lunch. He was on campus teaching a two week doctoral se … [Read more...]