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Dust Bunnies, You & God

You may’ve noticed something yesterday.That is, if you weren’t too busy to notice.If you weren’t too busy cocooning yourself off from the rest of the worldby texting while you were driving,or walking along the sidewalks looking down at a little screen on your phone.Or if you weren’t so overly cloistered among an obscenely small clique oflike-minded, like bodied, hyper-allergenic, hyper-feng-shuied chums. What you may’ve noticedis dust. More specif … [Read more...]

Mardi Gras? Don’t Be a Sodomite! [notice: a revised version of this blog has been published since this one]

(This piece was originally posted in March, 2011, but is now even more relevant in light of the recent Occupy Wall Street protests)*** Notice: a revised, and much improved, version of this article has been published on 3/3/14.  Here's the link <-- click *** ======Mardi Gras.  Fat Tuesday.  Shrove Tuesday. The day before Ash Wednesday.  A day for living with passion, vim and vigor, and for zealously sucking the marrow out of life.  It’s also a day when some folks feel a need to wag th … [Read more...]