August… The Bridge to Autumn

August is the month that radiates summer’s full bloom as we begin to make the turn towards autumn.  God’s hand is visible everywhere.  Trees bend and sway, their branches heavy with apples nearly ripe for harvest.  Fledgling birds take flight and vacant nests are shaken loose by the shifting wind.

We are in the season of in-between. August is the bridge that gently carries us from Summer’s fecundity to Autumn’s glory.  The daylight diminishes and in some places a fleeting chill in the air catches the spirit as a portend to what is just around the corner.

Soon local markets will display round plump pumpkins, juicy figs, and rosy colored pomegranates.  Amber and crimson colored leaves will begin the annual spiraling dance of letting go as they fall to the earth. Overhead migrating birds fly south calling out to us from above, like angels announcing the arrival of fall.

August is our bridge to autumn.  God in God’s wisdom gives us this month to reflect on the gifts of summer and to prepare for the season of gathering in.

If you were to give a title to this past summer, what would you name it?  As you contemplate the arrival of autumn what would you like to harvest?  What would you like to share with others?

Creator God… I’m grateful for the gift of August.  Gentle me into autumn as the earth prepares to sleep and renew itself to give birth again in the spring.  Help me to remember to slow down and observe the changes taking place in nature.  Remind me in my dreams to allow myself to acclimate to the new season. While You turn Creation round to autumn I take pause in wonder and awe. Amen

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