Sibyl Dana Reynolds is the founder of SacredLife-Arts, an online sanctuary, classroom, and resource center devoted to bringing creative inspiration and spiritual illumination to women. Dana fosters connections between the human soul and creative expression as a spiritual director, writer, and sacred life-artisan mentor.

She is the author of the novel, Ink and Honey (Chandelles Press, 2012). Visit InkandHoneytheBook.com for information about Dana’s writing.

Ordained in the Catholic tradition, she offers methods to enrich spirituality and daily life through prayer, journaling, contemplative devotion, and liturgy. Bishop Reynolds is featured in director Jules Hart’s recent documentary,Pink Smoke Over the Vatican, a film about the ordination of women in the Catholic Church. She currently volunteers as Pastoral Associate for Spiritual Development at the Community Church of the Monterey Peninsula in Carmel, California.

For the past twenty years, Dana has been a facilitator for the feminine spiritual/creative process.  She is passionate about the importance of themes found in the lives of medieval women including; pilgrimage, monasticism, art, craft, and Beguine spirituality.

Dana enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with the public through her lectures, presentations, and workshops. A Masters Degree of Theology and a background in Religious Studies and Visual Arts provides the foundation for her integration of theology/spirituality with experiential creative practice.

Mentoring and teaching are central to Dana’s work. She is mentor and instructor of the Master of Theology in Sacred Arts program at Global Ministries University.

A sensuist, Dana, incorporates an appreciation for the six senses into her writing and work. She believes taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight, and intuition are conduits to the Divine and portals to the sacred imagination.

The three varying facets of her expertise; theological, mystical, and artistic when combined yield inspiration for the human spirit through her lectures, workshops, and online teaching. Dana’s passion is helping others to discover the beauty of living with spiritual awareness as Sacred Life-Artists.

A mother and grandmother, her interests include weaving, photography, and the study of iconography. She lives with her husband near the sea in California.