July 6, 2012 6:33am

I am a book lover. I love books. Yesterday, I bought three books at Goodwill and received two more in the mail. Here is a short (less than half an hour), striking, timely, and, for reasons and sentiments I cannot quite find words for, moving documentary about books and their future: Epilogue: The Future of Print. Most of all, it is about the book as art. (And no, the perhaps ironic convergence of analog and digital worlds in this post doesn’t bother me in the least.)

Speaking of books: I’m finishing up a book that should be out in a few weeks entitled, Liturgy as Mystagogy. This upcoming academic year I will be piloting another book — a fully illustrated primer for philosophy and education — and finishing a long, ongoing edit of my dissertation for another book. I would appreciate you checking out the two books I’ve written, Things and Stuff and Poems by Sam and Sam. If you do — and especially if you decide to buy one or both — THANK YOU.


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