Class Notes

I taught my first class at the University of North Dakota yesterday: “Foundations of Educational Thought.” These graduate courses meet once a week and go just shy of three hours. I tend to scoff at the idea of “running out stuff to talk about,” but I did learn that there is a certain mental fatigue that sets in around hour two. I plan on watching very long movies (like Into Great Silence) to try and condition myself and learn the art of sustaining attention. I suppose certain liturgical rituals would help too.

Tomorrow I begin the other course: “Historical Foundations of Education.” In both courses I will be piloting a draft of the instructional booklet I am writing: “A Primer for Philosophy and Education.” If you would like to read a draft, I’d be delighted to share it. Just send me an e-mail. Many thanks to those who have already read it or requested to read it; it is very comforting to know that I have so much help and support out there. If you are also curious about the courses I am teaching, I can also send you the syllabi (which are only one page, front and back).

I hope to someday record audio or video (or both) of all my classes and post them here, as a reference tool for my students and an open-access educational resource for others. One thing at a time.


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