A Census

In the weeks to come there will some exciting changes affecting how I use this site. But first I want to see who it is presently serving. If you are a regular visitor to my site, it would help for me to hear from you and (a) know who you are and (b) what your business is here, so to speak.

I am conducting a census of sorts. 

Please, if you visit this website with any regularity, click on the the word ‘ASK’ in the menu and introduce yourself in some way you feel comfortable with, letting me know in what capacity this site serves you. (Or, if you don’t like that option, you can send me an e-mail at samuel.d.rocha [at] gmail [dot] com.)

I am particularly interested in finding out how many readers are people who may not be interested in just seeing how I am doing, personally and so on. In other words, I am anxious to see if what I think this site is for is actually what it being used for by others. 

I am very grateful for this little piece of virtual space, to have it and to use it as I want, but I would also like to become a better steward of it during what promises to be time of healthy transition. 

I’ll leave this up, with perhaps one more reminder until my regular “Class Notes” are posted on Tuesday. Please take a minute or two to drop me a note.



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