The July Experiment

During the month of July I will try to blog more and less: I will try to blog more frequently, perhaps even posting several posts in a day, but I will limit my posts to five-hundred words or less — which is significantly less than the usual fare. (Yesterday’s post doesn’t count because I starting writing it in the wee hours of June.) If this “works” (whatever that means), I may halve the word count for August.

The reasons behind this experiment are many, and teasing them all out would be ironic and self-defeating. The biggest reason is that I want to improve and try some new things out. Maybe it’s time to change. I don’t want to let my “style” get in the way of all the other things that might happen.

I also fear that tl;dr (too long; didn’t read) is a very real problem that I’ve coyly ignored or openly given the finger to.

Also, after that round of posts with PEG last month, I feel like I owe you all a fresh and lighter menu.

I will only make exceptions for my interview series, of which I am still planning to publish at least one this month, with Calah Alexander.

I am also open to thinking for other ways to be a good steward of this fine piece of digital real estate. Feel free to make suggestions.

I don’t mention it much, because it would get stale and tired-out, but I am humbled by the very idea that I have such a thing as “readers” — sincere thanks to all of you.


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