Artwork for my Primer

A draft of some of the artwork — drawn by my prodigy of a little sister — for my forthcoming book, A Primer for Philosophy and Education. … [Read more...]

Libertad! Igualdad! Fraternidad!

You sullen pig of a man you force me into the mud with your stinking ash-cart!/ Brother! — if we were rich we’d hold our chests out and hold our heads high!/ It is dreams that have destroyed us./ There is no more pride in horses or in rein holding. We sit together brooding our fate./ Well — all things turn bitter in the end whether you choose the right or the left way and — dreams are not a bad thing. ~ William Carlos Williams … [Read more...]

Class Notes

Foundations of Educational Thought — fifth meeting … [Read more...]

Census Update

Thanks to all who’ve written in already. It’s very nice to know who you are, even though many of you I know quite well already. Please, if you haven’t had a chance yet or just showed up today, take a few minutes to send me message via the ‘ASK’ button to (a) let me know who you are and (b) what you use this site for. There is change on the horizon and I want to assure that it does not neglect things that already exist presently. Also: I’ve removed my essay … [Read more...]

A Census

In the weeks to come there will some exciting changes affecting how I use this site. But first I want to see who it is presently serving. If you are a regular visitor to my site, it would help for me to hear from you and (a) know who you are and (b) what your business is here, so to speak. I am conducting a census of sorts.  Please, if you visit this website with any regularity, click on the the word ‘ASK’ in the menu and introduce yourself in some way you feel comfortable with, le … [Read more...]

Sep 21, 2012 9:35pm

“Let us be realists and demand the impossible: Communism,” a lecture by Slavoj Zizek. Or: “What I spent a lot of my time doing: watching Slavoj Zizek,” a confession by Sam Rocha. … [Read more...]

Class Notes

Historical Foundations of Education — fifth meeting Another long class. Three hours, no break. I think that this approach will actually become normal very soon. If it does, I suspect I’ll become somewhat infamous, but infamy has its rewards and I will not feel bad about rigor. As comfortable as the class has always been, I was beginning to feel too comfortable. So I decided to up the ante, so to speak. I was concerned that our reading of history thusfar was a bit too unambitious and … [Read more...]

The Tyranny of Practice

My latest essay — The Tyranny of Practice — is available at Contending Modernities. In it I  try to hammer at the insipid, ideological assumption embedded in a saying I hear a lot: “theory into practice.” As you should already be able to tell, I not a big fan. In other news: I may soon have something exciting to share about another writing venture. Stay tuned! … [Read more...]

Sep 19, 2012 2:02am

Rocinante (Taken with Instagram) … [Read more...]

Class Notes

Foundations of Educational Thought — fourth meeting Class began with the prompt for the next writing assignment, along with several remarks about how one might approach this prompt and the ones to follow. The final paper is a descriptive assignment using a long biography or autobiography. The purpose is to try and find the foundations of educational thought within a life, an act of self-disclosure, not only in the literature or in “theory.”  We then moved to Jean Jacques … [Read more...]