I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written in this ol’ thing, but since Rachel Held Evans is holding a Week of Mutuality at her blog, writing about women’s equality in the church, I figured now was as good a time as any to dust off all my fears and laziness and be a writer again. In honor of this Week of Mutuality, I’m going to attempt to write a post every day this week concerning the intersections of Christianity… Read more

The evangelical church (in general–every time I paint the church in broad strokes like this I get people who share church experiences that look nothing like the picture I’ve just created, and that’s awesome! I love hearing about your positive church experiences!) needs to do a better job of talking about sex. I think we all know that. I think even most churches know that. In fact, a lot of churches will admit it up front. I went to a… Read more

An apparently all-powerful entity that crushes all those who rebel… …that excessively blesses some while others starve to death. An entity that expects people to be thankful that the entity lets them live (provided they sacrifice the things they love the most) rather than destroying them completely due to an offense their distant ancestors committed. An entity that likes to take away the things people love the most to remind people how totally they are at its mercy. ….. Now,… Read more

Growing up in a Fundamental Baptist high school, I heard some ridiculous arguments against feminism. My favorite goes something like this: Feminists secretly hate women! That’s right! They hate women, and let me tell you why! They want women to be equal to men. That means, they think women don’t need men. Feminists won’t let men hold doors open for them or pay for their dates. And they won’t let men protect them! Chivalry is DEAD because of feminists. That’s right. Oh, and… Read more

Remember when I said last week that I was going to write about More Light Presbyterians the next day? Yeah, I didn’t do that. I went to Ohio to go to Zombie Walk in Columbus instead. So, yeah. I didn’t write about More Light Presbyterians. Sorry. I will get around to that! I PROMISE! And I promise I’ll start writing everyday again. But, today, I’m just going to share this interview that I did for my internet friend Travis Mamone… Read more

This week, Amendment One passed in North Carolina. We all know this by now, I’m sure. And we all know who is responsible. I don’t know what we Christians hope to accomplish. Even if you believe same-sex marriage is wrong (I personally do not think there is anything wrong with same-sex relationships–here is why. Please don’t waste your time trying to argue it with me in the comments section because I’ve made a well-researched decision and you’re not going to… Read more

I’ve been away from my hometown in Michigan for four years now, but I’m back, for at least a year. Only it doesn’t feel like home right now. Parts do. I get along with my parents better than I ever did, and, now that I am no longer an angsty teenager, I can see them as humans…friends even. My siblings and I are as close as ever, and even though my best friend (since we were babies) is now all… Read more

Update: When I wrote this piece last night, I was told that my grandma had a stroke and probably wasn’t going to come out of it. I was told that if she did, she would be paralyzed or a vegetable. But she’s a fighter and has recovered much better than expected. She’s still not doing well, but I may go visit her in Florida next week, and hopefully I’ll get to say a real goodbye. Thanks, everyone for your support…. Read more

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my favorite reads of the week, but there were so many good ones this week that I had to take a break from paper writing and share them. Enjoy! “It’s Not Just About Healthcare” by Alise Wright  Often, when I find myself locked in a debate about birth control, I find myself resorting to the whole “some women need it for medical reasons!” argument. But as Alise reminds us, women like sex too, and that’s… Read more

In case anyone would like an update on the Relevant Magazine/Hugo Schwyzer situation, here are a couple of emails I sent Relevant. I have been asked not to quote their responses on my blog, and I will respect that, so the following are my emails, with brief summaries of the response I got in between.   My first email: Dear Relevant Magazine, I write this email hesitantly, because I am expecting to receive condescending pat answers from you, and I… Read more

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