While I was in the hospital receiving treatment for malaria, the nurses told me the story of what happened Friday night after I passed out.  They said four nurses had put me onto a golf cart and driven me to the hospital. Someone wheeled a gurney outside, they lifted me onto the gurney, and then rolled me down the hallway to the room where the doctor and other nurses were waiting for me. I don’t remember much of anything until Saturday… Read more

Last week I didn’t feel awesome.  Nothing specific, nothing severe, just not awesome. I attributed it to a busy clinic schedule, staying up 28 hours straight once or twice a week while I’m on call, plus the usual not-awesomeness I feel from my anti-cancer medicine. Thursday night as I was trying to find a comfortable sleeping position in bed, I realized that all my joints were achey, like I was coming down with something.  But it couldn’t be malaria, right?… Read more

On my first day in the clinic here, one of the medical assistants came to me and said in French, “Do you mind seeing the ninjas?” I wracked my brain for a few minutes, trying to figure out what he meant, trying to remember a French word that sounded like “ninja.” Finally I had to ask my translator what the medical assistant was asking. “He’s asking if you will see the ninjas,” my translator said. “What ninjas???” I asked, exasperated…. Read more

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