120 South African Christian Ministers Graduate Scientology Volunteer Minister Training

  Courses prepare group for much-needed work in poverty-stricken Vosloorus Township in Gauteng The Volunteer Ministers Africa Continental Cavalcade held a unique and passionate graduation, when 120 Christian ministers serving congregations in the Vosloorus Township were certified as Scientology Volunteer Ministers.Each of the ministers completed all 19 Scientology Volunteer Ministers courses including practical assignments to hone their ability and skills. They resolved conflicts, salvaged m … [Read more...]

Can Common-Sense Values Save Lives in Los Angeles?

The Way to Happiness Foundation, bikers, and lowriders, join forces to end the violence in Los Angeles for United in Peace's January 2016 Peace Ride. Hundreds of bikers and lowriders roared through the streets of South L.A. on their custom Harley-Davidson motorcycles and Corvettes on January 24 for United in Peace’s January 2016 Peace Ride. Founded by the Southern California Cease Fire Committee, United in Peace is a broad coalition of motorcycle and car club members, churches and community g … [Read more...]

Scientology Churches Back U.N. World Interfaith Harmony Week

Amid growing religious hate and violence, Church stands firm in its commitment to foster respect for all religions and the right of people to practice their faiths freely  Scientology Churches around the world are proud to support World Interfaith Harmony Week and pledge continued efforts to strengthen interfaith initiatives in their communities with multi-faith alliances to handle pressing mutual concerns such as drug abuse, immorality, illiteracy and crime.This commitment comes as inc … [Read more...]

Church of Scientology Debuted ‘Who Am I?’ Ad on Super Bowl 50

Asking the eternal question "Who am I?", the spot aired in multiple U.S. regions during the Super Bowl 50 championship match between the Broncos and Panthers.Los Angeles, CA, February 8, 2016 (Newswire.com) - For the fourth consecutive year, the Church of Scientology debuted a new ad aimed at Super Sunday audiences during the big game between Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.“Releasing a new Scientology ad during the game has become a tradition,” said Bob Adams, spokesp … [Read more...]

John Travolta to host premiere of ‘The Forger’ at Clearwater’s Capitol Theatre

John Travolta has strutted red carpets at movie premieres his entire career but never in Tampa Bay. Not even for The Punisher, which he filmed here in 2003.That changes April 18 when Travolta presents the U.S. theatrical premiere of his latest film, The Forger, at Clearwater's Capitol Theatre. All proceeds from the premiere benefit the Marcia P. Hoffman School of the Arts at Ruth Eckerd Hall.General admission to the screening is $35, including popcorn and soft drinks. A limited number o … [Read more...]

Andrew Banks keen to dive into another Shark Tank

An interesting story about Sydney Scientologist Andrew Banks: It's been several years since he quit Sydney to live the Beverly Hills dream, but self-made multi-millionaire turned freshly minted television celebrity Andrew Banks welcomes his new-found fame courtesy of Channel Ten's Shark Tank series, in which he plays one of the "sharks" with a fat cheque book to invest in promising businesses. "We don't have a home in Sydney anymore, the kids have married Americans so we have made our home … [Read more...]

My Family and My Life After Going Clear

Felicia is a Scientologist and mother of two from San Francisco.  She recently attained theState of Clear and wanted to share some of the unexpected ways this changed her life.You recently completed some major Scientology counseling services. How would you say this has affected you as a parent? Throughout the course of my auditing I was aware that I was gaining more and more control of my mind and my life. Problems, conflicts with others, unchanging patterns, negative thoughts, fears and anx … [Read more...]

The Cosmic Perspective

I was very impressed with the statement Neil DeGrasse Tyson gave The Daily Beast on his thoughts about Alex Gibney's "Going Clear" and embarrassed that I'd never heard of him before.So I went to his website and read one of his essays and was so impressed, I wanted to share it. He is the opposite of the ivory-tower-scientist -- he has engaged in life and his world view is one worth all of us embracing.Here is a video I would like to share where he is asked if he believes in … [Read more...]