Hungarian Drug-Free World Rap Video Promotes Drug-Free Living

YouTube Rap video promotes drug-free living A Hungarian music video on YouTube is a refreshing change from the usual YouTube fare—videos in which drug use in overtly stated or implied to be part of the lifestyle. Here, the video begins with artist’s message, “music is a shelter for me,” and wish that viewers not ruin their lives with drugs. The music is catchy, the breakdancer is incredible, and if you can’t understand what they’re singing—it’s because it’s Hungarian. The Church of Scientology is… Read more

Scientologist Writes about Religious Tolerance in South Africa

STAND member from South African shares his experience of tolerance in post-apartheid South Africa I guess there is bigotry everywhere, but oddly enough I don’t experience too much of that here in South Africa. If you look for it, you will probably find it, but bigots are no longer welcome here. An American friend who was out in Joburg recently was stunned that race relations in this country were so benign, bearing in mind this is the country which invented apartheid (racial separateness)…. Read more

One Scientologist’s Story of How he Handled Bias in his Own Family

A blog on the STAND website by Roger Clark gives insight into the result of media bigotry on the lives of Scientologists and the simple truth about Scientology that no one can argue with. Republished courtesy of STAND. Don’t Tell Me. SHOW Me. My father was a brilliant man. He held a doctorate in law, was literate in both Spanish and English and, after 20 years as a judge, could whip through a 50-pound legal brief like you and I… Read more

Scientologist Shares Another Example of how the Press Misrepresents Religions

Scientologist Deanne MacDonald writes about the ethics (or lack of it ) in media’s treatment of Islam. Republished courtesy of STAND. Now, why didn’t you hear about this? Muslims speaking out against terrorism. This should be big news. Especially when it is over 30,000 of them. The press has covered much smaller protests. Why not this one? Because we have a press corps that seems intent on spreading terrible things about virtually every religion. Some of the most heinous crimes… Read more

Celebrating 30 Years of Service to Baton Rouge, Church of Scientology Dedicates New Louisiana Home

Launching a new era of spiritual freedom in the Bayou State with a stunning Church of Scientology Mission July 8 was a red-letter day for Louisiana, as leaders in the state’s capital welcomed the Scientology Mission of Baton Rouge to its new, expanded home. The hot Louisiana sun warmed attendees as hundreds gathered for the grand opening ceremony just blocks from the banks of the mighty Mississippi. Scientologists and their guests were joined by community leaders and dignitaries in dedicating the new… Read more

Church of Scientology Harlem on the Eve of its First Anniversary

Opened July 31, 2016,  this has been a tremendous year for the Church of Scientology and Community Center of Harlem. For a flavor of what the Church is like, I invite you to take this video tour.   Read more

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Help London Rebound

With the country reeling from a series of devastating tragedies, from the Manchester and London terrorist attacks to the Grenfell Towers fire, Scientology Volunteer Ministers are providing succor to rescue workers and victims and helping people move on. An excerpt from an article in the Financial Times gives a man-on-the-street view of their work: A Christian, a Muslim and a Scientologist—all strangers—are riding through west London in a yellow van. It sounds like the set-up to a bad joke, thought Andre Apollis…. Read more

Partners Work Together to Clean up the Streets of East Hollywood

The California Crusader covers a neighborhood cleanup in East Hollywood, co-organized by Vons, the LAPD, Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell’s office and the Way to Happiness Foundation chapter sponsored by the Church of Scientology Los Angeles. Vons Grocery Store on Sunset and Virgil partnered up with the Los Angeles Police Department, Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell’s District 13 and The Way to Happiness Los Angeles to clean up their neighborhood last Saturday. Over eighty people arrived at Vons first thing in the morning and were… Read more

The Freewinds Maiden Voyage Anniversary

This article from the Scientology website describes the 29th annual religious convocation aboard the Scientology religious retreat, the Freewinds motor vessel. The world’s most dedicated Scientologists cast off for a week-long cruise to celebrate successes and set the agenda for an expansive year across the seven seas. In all, the evening encompasses a parade of monumental accomplishment in the name of a better world, courtesy of the IAS. The mighty Freewinds returns to her work, setting her humanitarian course in… Read more

Scientologist Debunks the “Atheists are Smarter” Myth

In this blog entry on the STAND website, Scientologist Rodger Clark takes issue with atheist assertions that intelligence is somehow connected to an absence of religious belief.  Several researchers in the field of psychology descended from the ultra-recirculated, purified air of academia to address the amoebic, unwashed masses (us). Citing 53 out of 63 studies that show a “negative correlation” between religiosity and intelligence, they declare that atheists are smarter than religious people, after which they ascended once again to… Read more

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