Zero Discrimination Day

March 1st is Zero Discrimination Day in the UK. Thought I'd share a Youth for Human Rights video that makes the point "appearances can be deceiving." Don't discriminate! … [Read more...]


Life is not always easy. Most people encounter circumstances that derail them either for part of their lives or for good: the death of a family member; a ruined relationship, broken engagement, marriage; even the loss of a job or a long-sought opportunity.The old platitude's that you'll get over it, time heals all wounds, live and learn--these don't help you get through they day, do they?So, people resort to drugs or alcohol or seek some distraction to take their minds off it, but the w … [Read more...]

Scientologists Honor Memory of Victims of the Holocaust

The Church of Scientology of Kaohsiung held an open house in February in honor of United Nations International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust.The Church’s social reform officer and the director of the Kaohsiung chapter of Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) co-hosted the program, which not only revealed the role of Nazi psychiatrists in orchestrating the “final solution,” but also educated those attending on harmful psychiatric practices of today.In … [Read more...]

Annual Conference: Citizens Commission on Human Rights

Congratulations to Citizens Commission on Human Rights who celebrate their 46th anniversary March 5.The annual celebration, held February 28 this year, saw delegates from CCHRs from across to globe, all working together it end psychiatric abuse. … [Read more...]

Ever wondered what it’s like in Scientology?

This video tour catches some of the ambiance of a Scientology church, but no matter where you go, anywhere on Earth, there's something else that makes a Scientology church or mission unique. It's a feeling of warmth and friendliness so lacking most anywhere else. Although I've been a Scientologist many years, I remember clearly how startling it was when I was new to the religion. And to this day I hear people comment on it.I think part of it is because affinity (the feeling of … [Read more...]

Congratulations Church of Scientology of Moscow

Today is the anniversary of the grand opening of the Church of Scientology of Moscow in their new home. One of the largest Scientology congregations in the world, the Moscow Church serves Scientologists across 13 time zones who come there to train and receive spiritual counseling.Here's to their continued expansion! … [Read more...]

Youth for Human Rights World Tour 2015

Just found this great video on Vimeo by the photographer/videographer for the Youth for Human Rights World Tour for 2015. Loved it. What do you think? … [Read more...]

Leave our kids alone

How many kids are being destroyed by psychiatric drugs as this one was? This kick-ass Detroit attorney was unwilling to let the system harm this innocent child. … [Read more...]