Right to Seek a Safe Place to Live

On World Refugee Day, this video on Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 14--the right to seek a place to live.Human rights education, to create a more human and better world.  … [Read more...]

Truth About Prescription Drug Abuse

This public service announcement from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World is part of the educational program that is reaching kids with the truth about drugs. It dispels the myths that make drugs look attractive to kids, as you can see from this video. … [Read more...]

Church of Scientology Honored Father’s Day with Special Service

The Nashville Church of Scientology hosted a special Sunday Service in honor of Father’s Day this past weekend. Nashville, TN, June 19, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville held a special service for Father’s Day on June 15th this year to celebrate and acknowledge all fathers, stepdads and grandpas. The reason behind this is Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard’s writings on “Honor and Help Your Parents” found in his common sense moral guide The Way to Happiness … [Read more...]

Are you the Problem or the Solver?

“That’s the make-break point of anybody’s life: when he stopped being a solver, and poser and solver of problems, and started to be a problem himself...."“A person is as alive as he has that confidence. He is as dead as he’s lost it.”— L. Ron Hubbard … [Read more...]

A Message for World Environment Day

The environment in microcosm--in your own backyard, so to speak. One of the public service announcements for The Way to Happiness, a nonreligious commonsense moral code written by L. Ron Hubbard. Enjoy  … [Read more...]

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Disaster Response

Throughout the year, whenever disasters strike, Scientology Volunteer Ministers activate to provide whatever help is needed. Sometimes, it is the first responders who are most in need of support.  This is the case in most major fires, where fire crews are facing extremely arduous conditions, working double shifts, battling fires to bring them under control. In that case, Volunteer Ministers provide food and water and Scientology assists to the firefighters, and take on any other task needed to … [Read more...]

And That’s the Truth…

What is the truth? Is it some esoteric thing that can only be revealed indirectly? Is there a way to know?This quote of L. Ron Hubbard from October 1963 gives you a guideline.“Truth is an all-freeing mechanism. If it is not all-freeing, then the truth, to some degree, must be limited—either limited in its conception or limited in its reception or limited in its application.“So that you can say that anything you were worried about must have a falsehood connected with it. There is alway … [Read more...]

Exhibit Warns About Connection of Psychiatric Drugs to Suicide and Violence — Organizers Add Special Reach Out to Military and Veterans

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) of California opened its traveling exhibit, “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" with a partial display in the state's capitol building on May 22nd. The show is part of CCHR's continuing efforts to warn people about the connection that psychiatric drugs have with increasing rates of suicides and violence, especially among our military and veterans.>> … [Read more...]