Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination: This Ain’t Our First Rodeo

Scientologist presents his perspective on fake news created to generate bigotry against the Church of Scientology. Published courtesy of the STAND website.One thing I have to admire is the level of integrity in an organization that will kick someone out, knowing full well that in doing so, it may blow up right in its face. My hat is off to the Church of Scientology for sticking to its policies on an even playing field, no matter the fame or status of the person involved. Paraphrased … [Read more...]

Living Up to Being a Scientologist

This article from the Scientology Religion website discusses the commitment Scientologists feel about volunteering to make this a better world.The Code of a Scientologist requires every Scientologist to make a solemn commitment to benefit others: As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of Scientology for the good of all. ... To use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability; to help my family, friends, groups and the world. ... To make this world a saner better pl … [Read more...]

Nashville Hubbard Dianetics Foundation Celebrates 67th Anniversary

Originally published by the Church of Scientology NashvilleFor anyone who has experienced self-doubt, depression, anxiety or unreasonable fears, the book Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health is the resource to turn to for answers and guidance. This book was authored and published in 1950, launching a movement for Man to know and help himself.L. Ron Hubbard began the book with these words, “Dianetics is an adventure. It is an exploration into Terra Incognita, the human mind, … [Read more...]

Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination: The “Cult” Label

Scientologist Vincent Grieg writes about bigoted individuals trying to put the "cult" label on his religion. Republished courtesy of the STAND (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination) websiteI am a Scientologist who has studied Scientology for years. Decades actually.I know a lot of other Scientologists and, while I can’t speak for all of them, I think plenty of us want to know why we’re mislabeled a “cult” by some. Like, for real? A cult? WHAT IS A CULT? For me, the wo … [Read more...]

10 Warning Signs of Dependency from the Foundation for a Drug Free World

For anyone concerned someone they know may be addicted to opioids, these ten warning signs from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World can help you decide if it's something you should look into further.(republished from the Utica, New York, Observer-Dispatch)When pain pills become a problemPrescription painkillers can relieve pain, but the body can, over time, start to depend on them. Here are 10 warning signs of dependency from the Foundation for a Drug-Free World:1. Dosage … [Read more...]

Scientology Social Media Celebrates L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics on its 67th Birthday

67 years after L. Ron Hubbard published Dianetics, the 1950 self-help best seller, and precursor to the Scientology religion, the Church of Scientology brands all of its social channels to celebrate the seminal book’s anniversary.Five Things to Know About Dianetics, 67 Years Old TodayPublished May 9, 1950, Dianetics ignited a global movement and laid the groundwork for the Scientology religion.1. Known as the modern science of mental health, the word Dianetics is derived from G … [Read more...]

Coming Out—Scientologist Takes a STAND Against Bigotry

A philanthropist decides to "come out" as a Scientologist and explains her concerns, based on the bigotry and false propaganda about her religion in the media. Republished courtesy of  STAND  (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination) Ok, admittedly, that title is somewhat deceiving—I am a happily married heterosexual woman. But here’s the thing: the press has been smearing my religion with such abandon for so long now that, as a Scientologist, telling people about my religious “or … [Read more...]

STAND Blogger Puts “Modern” Media into Perspective

Republished courtesy of the STAND websiteIf I were the devil I would strike up the band and throw a party. I’d be scrubbing my hands in glee right now as I watched my plans coming to fruition. The papers are spreading hate, political parties are spreading hate, and the television spews it at an unprecedented rate. Hate sells. Hate the Jews! Hate the rich! Hate the poor! Let’s all hate someone! Hate’s little brother Fear is also making a real comeback these days. Fear other countries! Fear the … [Read more...]