Scientologist Wil Seabrook on what the Thanksgiving holiday means to him. Published courtesy of STAND (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination). Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Some of my earliest memories are of my extended family gathering at my great-grandmother’s farmhouse in the country and eating an absolute feast. When I close my eyes I can still see the turkey, spiral ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry dressing, biscuits and, of course, the… Read more

Scientologist Rodger Clark describes the news media as a “cult”–in fact the most dangerous cult on earth. Republished courtesy of Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination. “Everybody knows” what a cult is. “Cult” is one of those words promoted by the media. Yet if you question anyone using the word, they invariably fall into a blubbering stammer when trying to define it. If you can finally squeeze some honesty out of them, they’ll confess it’s ultimately just describing a group that… Read more

Excerpts from an article published in the Faith in Faiths blog, and the Scientology religious freedom website featuring Rev. Eric Roux, President of the United Churches of Scientology of France and Vice President of the Church of Scientology European Office of Public Affairs and Human Rights. Faith in Faiths is a travel blog with a higher purpose—to share positive, uplifting and truthful content about faith and travel. It is written by a young woman who is traveling the world to search… Read more

Scientologist Rodger Clark takes aim at media-enabled “critics” in this satirical blog on STAND, Scientologists Taking Action Against Religion. “Critical mass” is a concept in physics. It’s “a size, number, or amount large enough to produce a particular result.” Don’t let that scare you. It just means enough of the right stuff to get the right outcome. It’s everything from enough baking powder to make pancakes, enough fans to make a gold record, enough customers to make a successful business or enough… Read more

Scientologist Deanne Macdonald on treating others with respect including their religious beliefs. Published courtesy of STAND, Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination. I don’t really care what you think of my husband. Although he has passed on, I loved him. We got along great and laughed a lot. Anybody who tried to convince me that he was a terrible guy wouldn’t get very far. I worked with him and lived with him for 30 years. I’m pretty sure that I knew him… Read more

Scientologist Liv Watson on intolerance and the hate campaign against the Church of Scientology—a reversion to the pre-1960 climate of intolerance in America. Published courtesy of STAND, Scientologists Taking Action Against Religion. Religion, once a cornerstone of society in virtually every culture, is being eroded in modern times.with resulting intolerance. Attacks on religious freedom in the U.S. have more than doubled since 2011 according to a recent report by First Liberty Institute. “This past year has seen the continuation of high-profile attacks on religious liberty in… Read more

Scientologist Laurie Bartilson’s blog, “When ‘the Victim’ is the Bully,” about online bullying of Scientologists, is published courtesy of Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination. Bullying can appear in many guises. It’s obvious when the “bully” is the big kid, threatening and terrorizing a smaller kid. But what about when the “victim” is really the bully? Here’s an example. I’m “a big kid.” That is to say, I’m an adult. I’m well-educated, reasonably affluent, and able to hold my own in a… Read more

The work of the Church of Scientology and Scientologists in Clearwater before, during and after Hurricane Irma by Scientologist David Aden. Published courtesy of STAND (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination) My family—including my wife, son, daughter-in-law and four grandchildren—recently survived Hurricane Irma here in Clearwater, Florida. We’re among the lucky; we had very little damage to our property and our electricity was back on within 24 hours. But, though the storm was less intense in Clearwater than expected, others were not so lucky,… Read more

Scientologist Isa Toth explains what Scientology is by sharing what it does. Published courtesy of STAND (Scientologist Taking Action Against Discrimination) People ask me about Scientology all the time. They often ask: “what is it and what have you gotten out of it?” For me, Scientology is about endless possibility and hope. It’s about daring to aim for the top of the mountain and the tools you need to get there. It’s an avalanche of yes’s in a world obsessed with no’s…. Read more

Scientologist Wayne Hanson explains why he opposes psychiatry and how it conflicts with the basic principles of Scientology. Republished courtesy of STAND (Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination). In 1975, just as Ken Kesey’s novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” was filmed at Oregon State Hospital, I became a Scientologist in Portland. Kesey’s book and the film that followed it have perhaps done more than any other works of art to dramatize the brutality and horror of psychiatry and its tools…. Read more

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