German Psychiatry Then and Now

Filmed in Germany and Austria, The Age of Fear: Psychiatry's Reign of Terror, draws from over 80 interviews of psychiatric experts, historians and survivors. Containing shocking personal testimonies and stark inside footage, the documentary tells the true story of psychiatry's sordid history and current practices, revealing how its reliance on brutality and coercion has not changed since the moment it was born.I found this a very disturbing film. Growing up in the wake of World War II, the … [Read more...]

How One Scientologist Celebrates Thanksgiving

People are often curious about the cultures of religions not their own—for example, in my case, whether and how Scientologists view Thanksgiving. I can’t speak for all Scientologists, but I can describe how I think about it.For practically everyone in America, conversations during the run-up to Thanksgiving focus on time off work, cooking, football and Black Friday specials. But it’s everyone together around a table that will be for our family, like many others, the highlight.This will be … [Read more...]

Church of Scientology San Diego Grand Opening

Here's a bit more of the look and feel of the opening of the new Church of Scientology San Diego--the newest Ideal Scientology Organization (Org). … [Read more...]

Grand Opening of new San Diego Ideal Scientology Organization

The dedicated of the Ideal Church of Scientology San Diego took place on Saturday, November 19. For a taste of the afternoon, here is a sampling of the images from the Scientology Newsroom.            Here is a description from the Scientology website of the purpose of and Ideal Scientology Organization (Org).To meet the global demand for Dianetics and S … [Read more...]

The Sikh Project

This beautiful article on the Scientology Religion website celebrates diversity in the images of Sikh men, women and youth. All images were created by London photographers Amit and NaroopLondon photographers Amit and Naroop aim to capture the heart of Sikhism through a portrait exhibition called “The Sikh Project.” These unique and touching portraits and accompanying vignettes share the experiences of members of that faith in America and personalize the religion. The featured practitioners s … [Read more...]

The Eight Dynamics of Existence

A video on the Scientology Youtube Video Channel describes one of the core principles of the Scientology religion--the Eight Dynamics.  The video shows how each of these dynamics relates to one's happiness, survival, ethics and goals.  … [Read more...]

Anti-Psychiatry Scholarship at University of Toronto

An Op Ed in the University of Tornoto's The Varsity newspaper makes an incisive presentation on the field of anti-psychiatry.The University's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) recently announced a scholarship, the Bonnie Burstow Scholarship in Antipsychiatry for OISE students conducting theses in the area of antipsychiatry, with the author matching up to $50,000 of donations by others.An earlier editorial attempted to negate the scholarship and antipsychiatry studies c … [Read more...]

Why are our Veterans Dying?

Veterans day is a day to honor all military vets. It marks the formal end of World War I, which occurred on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.The "War to End all Wars"... didn't.But worse, more soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guard personnel are dying by their own hand today than by enemy fire.An exposé published in Freedom Magazine reported, "on average, 22 military veterans and active-duty personnel make the decision to kill themselves—an asto … [Read more...]