The High Cost of Bored Boys


The central problem of every society is to define appropriate roles for its men. --Anthropologist Margaret Mead Over the last several months we have witnessed far too many stories about “bad” boys—boys setting off a bomb at the Boston marathon; a boy taking up a weapon to shoot his fellow students; to name a few.  But what makes this latest “bad” boys crime so shocking—the shooting of an Australian man—is the seemingly cavalier attitude of the shooters.  They were bored.These boys certainl … [Read more...]

Does Anyone Care Anymore About Boys?: A New Blog About Boys for People Who Do Care About Boys


Did you know that:Boys are falling behind girls in almost every area of education? 70% of all D’s and F’s are given to boys? 85% of stimulant addressing drugs prescribed in the world are prescribed to US boys?Did you know that a generation ago the US government invested over 100 million dollars into getting girls caught up to boys in school, but so far has invested nothing in getting our boys caught up?Did you know that on March 11, 2009, the White House issued a press release an … [Read more...]