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Everyone is born my way!

I was following a conversation elsewhere about how some Christians insist that everyone really knows that their God is real, it's just that due to sin, they suppress this knowledge. Everyone is exposed to the illumination of the Holy Spirit, it's just that those of us who remain skeptical prefer darkness.Muslims, interestingly, do the same sort of thing, perhaps even more often. It tends to be based on their belief that the created nature (fitra) of every human is such that they are naturally … [Read more...]

Is Michael Martin’s Position in ATHEISM: A PHILOSOPHICAL JUSTIFICATION inconsistent?

LINK … [Read more...]

Anti-religious hysteria

An interesting article came to my attention this morning. Frank Furedi's The Curious Rise of Anti-religious Hysteria, argues that British and American cultural elites are in a panic about religion and are tempted to develop vapid appeals to morality in their politics. Furedi's not religious himself; he does not write as a religiously-inspired moralist. The essay's overblown, I think, but worth thinking about. Especially because Furedi finds a negative sort of elitism behind anti-religious … [Read more...]

Is-Ought Problem

Frank Walton writes: “Evolutionist Dr. Massimo Pigliucci writes, ‘It has been pretty obvious since Darwin that we, indeed, are nothing but machines.’ Obviously, then, there wouldn't be a problem if one machine ‘kills’ another machine. When an automobile slams and crashes into another automobile do we say that the cars murdered one another?”Walton makes a very common mistake here, one that was first recognized by David Hume and which philosophers call the “is-ought problem” after Hume’s comment in … [Read more...]

Denying Big God and the Little God: The Next Step for Atheists?

Tom Clark at the Center for Naturalism has written an open letter to the atheist community entitled, "Denying Big God and the Little God: The Next Step for Atheists?" … [Read more...]

John Loftus’s Blog

John Loftus has started a new blog entitled, "Debunking Christianity." … [Read more...]

Theistic Evolution

Do read DarkSyde's dossier on Creationist Glenn Morton. He makes an argument for distinguishing Theistic Evolutionists (TE) from the YEC and ID crowd. … [Read more...]

The Absurdity of a Christian Home Business

I have to say, it's interesting to notice the small, usually Christian advertisements just above on this blog. Right now one of them says, "God Wants You To Be Rich: Earn $7,000 Over & Over Again. Christian Home Business. Be Blessed."A bad joke, but perhaps also a hopeful sign for secularists. It's very attractive to think of religion as an all-encompassing point of view and way of life. But in the modern world, trying to do Christian music, Christian psychology, Christian finance and all in … [Read more...]