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The plot thickens…

Not only have I apparently had a sex change when I wasn't looking, but now I am a "comic genius" as well (Seinfeld, look out!)As everyone knows who’s in the know, Walton is the comic genius behind the hoax blog otherwise known as The Secular Outpost and its satellites.Moreover, "Frank Walton" has created false posts in my name, according to the Triabloglodytes:...clearly Walton got wind of my exposé (his spies are everywhere, you know!), and has chosen to keep up appearances by fabricating some f … [Read more...]

Triablogue: Flippant dismissals

I guess I better start moving on getting some content up on my blog. Apparently my inactivity has been construed as indicating that I am a fictitious character. Now I've been called many things before, but fictitious has not been one of them.See: Triablogue: Flippant dismissals (April 16, 2006)"There is also a token female by the name of Andrea Weisberger. She never does any posting, and if you click on the link to her blog, there’s nothing posted over there either. So she is obviously another f … [Read more...]

Religion in odd places

I've been teaching a relatively non-mathematical liberal-artsy freshman physics course in the spring semester the last few years. It's great fun, and one of the reasons is that I find out how differently someone like me -- who has been thoroughly brainwashed by being a science-type for 20 years -- thinks when compared someone who hasn't. One difference is certainly in when and how religion pops up.For example, in one exam, I asked students to give an example of a type of question that they … [Read more...]

Red Cross adopting support for “faith-based” approaches

Like the Department of Homeland Security, the American Red Cross has also decided to start supporting "faith-based" approaches to disaster relief. Included in their changes of policy in the face of problems that occurred in recent hurricane relief efforts, they will now be providing financial support to churches, as reported in the New York Times:And in a shift in policy, it also plans to work more closely with other charities, like local churches, providing them with financial assistance.Trent … [Read more...]

Pupils Confused

Students are confused by creation "science" teaching according to the Royal Society in the UK. True, and as long as we're speaking about the obvious let me add that pigs still can't fly. … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson: Stone Cold Fresh

Pat Robertson has a new book out and you know what that means: asking about the sex lives of women he just met. Rita Braver of CBS News interviewed Robertson on April 9 (the transcript is available here). First, Robertson tells a whopper about a woman who was “stone cold dead” and raised back to life because of the prayers of others. Then he tells Braver a story about a trip he took to Jerusalem:[T]hey thought she was demon possessed. And these women are in the conference, and they said, "Go cas … [Read more...]


Every so so often I like to visit the web site of The Raelian Movement, just so I can remind myself that rejecting God is perfectly compatible with all sorts of craziness.It's too bad they don't advertise themselves as the "world’s largest Atheist, non-profit, UFO-related organisation" on their web site anymore, but at least its title is "The Raelian Movement: Intelligent Design for Atheists." Yes, they do push ID. Except that the "designer" is a bunch of advanced space aliens.They've still g … [Read more...]

Gospel of Judas Found

For those of us interested in ancient Christianity, the National Geographic Society has announced a new manuscript find. Those don't happen everyday (or even every decade) so it's pretty exciting news. The text is of the gospel genre, written in Coptic around 300 CE like those found at Nag Hammadi, and is entitled Gospel of Judas. The codex is said to be a copy of an older work written in Greek around 200 CE. At this time in Christianity's development, there was already a thriving oral tradition … [Read more...]