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Transitional Fossil Announced

According to a story published in today's New York Times, scientists have discovered a "missing link" between fish and land mammals. The transitional fossils are "so clearly an intermediate 'link between fishes and land vertebrates,' they said, that it'might in time become as much an evolutionary icon as the proto-bird Archaeopteryx,' which bridged the gap between reptiles (probably dinosaurs) and today's birds." Since creationists have made it a central point to argue that no such transitional … [Read more...]

Dennett-Ruse squabble

Due to a Guardian op-ed attacking Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins, some disagreements between Dennett and Michael Ruse have become more public. Ruse thinks the more atheistic commentators on Darwinian evolution, such as Dennett and Dawkins, are (a) intellectually mistaken, and (b) unwittingly helping creationists politically. Dennett has briefly replied to the charge.Now, generally I'm more impressed with Dennett than Ruse, whose work I very often dislike. And naturally, on (a) I think Ruse … [Read more...]

Biblical Miracle in NYT

The "Science Times" section of the New York Times today has a note on an oceanographer, Doron Nof, who proposes to explain Jesus' walking on water with his standing on a bit of ice.I wonder, when I occasionally see something like this, if the 19th century practice of finding rational explanations for Biblical miracles (and thereby curiously preserving the Bible's historical accuracy) is still alive. I doubt it's that, though. I expect that if Nof & co. had just had some dry academic … [Read more...]

God’s Own Party

Interesting article by Kevin Phillips in the Washington Post today, "How the GOP Became God's Own Party." And he has a book out, naturally -- yet another one I'll have to add to my reading pile.Actually, I don't hugely care about religion per se. I'm interested mainly in supernatural fact claims, since they make the best contrast to what I really care about, working on a naturalistic big-picture view of the world. I'd really rather not get drawn into those aspects of religion that don't, for … [Read more...]

Carnival of the Godless #37

Carnival of the Godless #37 is up at the Neural Gourmet. … [Read more...]

John Allen Paulos on atheist distrust and Liberty Debate Team

John Allen Paulos' latest "Who's Counting" column addresses the Univ. of Minnesota study on American distrust of atheists and the facts (or rather, lack thereof) behind Liberty University's claim to be the #1 debate team in the U.S. … [Read more...]