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Searching for Design

There's an interesting review, by Logan Paul Gage, of Francis S. Collins's book The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief. In a backhanded way, Gage makes a good point: Collins is very eager to find design in physical cosmology (not his expertise), but soundly rejects a similar form of reasoning in biology (his own field).Sigh. At least intelligent design proponents are somewhat consistent. They see design all around. It's a gross mistake, but hell, if you're going to screw … [Read more...]

JPR Interview

Jefferson Public Radio did an interview with me last August, in connection with my appearance at the Jefferson Center. It was on science and religion, naturally. It was a very nice interview, so I've put it online. … [Read more...]

Faith in faith

Normally, I don't take faith—of the blind faith, leap in the dark, I have a feeling down deep it's true varieties—too seriously. It's intellectually worthless, and too transparently an attempt to protect some claims from criticism.That doesn't, however, mean that the faith-attitude isn't widespread and effective. This past week I encountered a lot of it in the classroom, as I let my students' discussions wander without steering them too heavy-handedly. I teach a course I call Weird … [Read more...]

Lowder-Fernandes Debate Now Freely Available on the Internet

See here. … [Read more...]

The Secular Bible

Let me recommend Jacques Berlinerblau's The Secular Bible: Why Nonbelievers Must Take Religion Seriously to readers of the Secular Outpost. It's a damn good book, and raises questions that nonbelievers and secularists will want to wrestle with.My primary interest lies in the science and religion area -- which, in practice, usually becomes natural science and religion. But among nonbelievers, questions regarding scriptures and interpretation probably attract more attention, even if it's at the … [Read more...]