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The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality

I recently noticed, on the new books stand in a Borders bookstore, a small book called The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality. By French philosopher AndrĂ© Comte-Sponville, it looked like a user-friendly popular book designed to cash in on the improbable success of some recent atheist books. Indeed, I picked it up to browse, expecting to encounter something more akin to New Age "spirituality" literature—entertaining, but in an eye-rolling sort of way.It turned out to be much better, which … [Read more...]

“Teen atheist” newspaper story

I'm in Chicago at the moment, and in the Chicago Tribune, I noticed a story about a 14-year old Illinois atheist fighting a "Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act."It seems to treat nonbelief as a curiosity rather than as a menace, though there's the "lawsuit-happy infidel being a nuisance for the community" media stereotype as a subtext through the story as well. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. … [Read more...]

New Chick Tract

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Talk in Michigan

Just in case anyone is interested and can come, I'll be speaking in Grand Rapids, Michigan, next Wednesday, January 9. For more information, see the CFI Michigan website. It'll be based on Science and Nonbelief. It's also the Secular Web's Book of the Month at the moment. … [Read more...]