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Scandinavian secularity

Phil Zuckerman, author of the very interesting Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment, has an article online, "The Religious Support Behind Proposition 8." There, he uses Scandinavian secularity and social success as a counterexample against religious worries that deviations from God-given policies invite social calamity.Now, Society without God is a good book. It's hard to argue with how it presents Scandinavian countries (focusing on Denmark) as … [Read more...]

Laws Protecting Faith Healers instead of Children

This article includes some background info on the issue of legal protections for faith healing: … [Read more...]

Purtill’s Definition of “Miracle” – Part 7

A miracle is an event (1) brought about by the power of God that is (2) a temporary (3) exception (4) to the ordinary course of nature (5) for the purpose of showing that God has acted in history. (“Defining Miracles” in In Defense of Miracles, IVP, 1997, p.72).I have proposed two improvements to Purtill's definition so far:A miracle is an event that is (1a) brought about by the power of a person who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and perfectly good, and that is (2) a temporary (3) exception (4) t … [Read more...]

Evil Atheist Parsons Exposed!

If you want all the dirt on that evil atheist Keith Parsons you should check here: author of this blog has decided to smite me in the name of the Lord for some comments I made in a debate with William Lane Craig ten years ago. Here, you will learn that in my remarks I committed numerous fallacies, though, curiously, the author fails to identify any. You also learn that I think that people who … [Read more...]

God Trumps

Check out the God Trumps "game" from the New Humanist. Sample card: … [Read more...]

We’ve Moved! (But We’re Still Here)

The Secular Outpost now has a new domain name: links to the old address will automatically forward to the new address, but please update existing links or bookmarks to point to this new address. … [Read more...]

Conservapedia on “atheism”

Here's a fun way to waste half an hour: look over the Conservapedia entry on atheism. It starts off with a picture of "The perverse and cruel atheist Marquis de Sade in prison," which is a pretty good indication of the sort of material that is to come. In some ways, it's a nice one-stop shopping center for calumnies against nonbelief favored by American conservatives. I will admit, it has links to some useful sociological information concerning religious versus nonreligious populations, though … [Read more...]

Christianity and the Resurrection Examined

I'm planning to write many posts that are focused on criticism of Christianity, and especially on the alleged resurrection of Jesus. The first in a series called "Resuscitation of the Swoon Theory" has just been posted on my blog : … [Read more...]