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Away in June

I'm off to a conference in Ireland, and I'll be doing some touristing around while I have the chance. And when I get back, I take off again, now to California, in a few days.We'll see if anyone else picks up the slack, or if this will be a quiet June on this blog. … [Read more...]

Jesus and Mo

Time, once again, to advertise the "Jesus and Mo" online cartoons. … [Read more...]

What’s wrong with faith per se?

It's easy to get pissed off at religion, particularly the conservative monotheistic variety. Think of the Catholic hierarchy, or your favorite set of mullahs. Get your blood boiling over the misogyny, the homophobia, and the general attitude toward sexuality that is always stuck in ancient agrarian social realities. Roll your eyes at the boneheadedness regarding medical options, indifference toward the natural environment, and inability to extend genuine concern beyond the pale of orthodoxy.How … [Read more...]

Robin Collins on the Fine-Tuning Argument

Sorry for another long absence. I've been working on a project, and a draft of part of it is below. I present part of Robin Collins' defense of the fine-tuning argument (FTA) and a brief response. Comments would be appreciated. Statement of Collins' Argument ...we will focus on his defense of the FTA against what Collins calls “the atheistic single universe hypothesis”: “According to the atheistic single-universe hypothesis, there is only one universe, and it is ultimately an inexplicable, ‘brut … [Read more...]

New Chick Tracts

Some Muslim stereotyping:And a generic salvation story. Africans play the lead roles, but there's nothing specially African about it. … [Read more...]

Perceiving Moral Truths? Part 2

Here is an example of moral reasoning that appears to illustrate the theistic theory of ethics and moral reasoning proposed by Dianelos Georgoudis:1. God is kind and loving. (directly perceived truth about God's moral character)2. An action is morally good if and only if it makes the moral character of the person performing the action more like God's character. (fundamental normative assumption)3. Giving generously to the poor and hungry people of the world would make my moral character more … [Read more...]

Anti-evolution political ad

For non-USAnians who might be reading this, I have to point out that all the US is not as crazy as this (Alabama). Or perhaps I should phrase that differently. We may well be all as crazy as Alabama Christian conservatives, but we're not always crazy in exactly the same ways. California-crazy is different from Alabama-crazy and so forth. … [Read more...]

High weirdness by H-Net

Academia can be a rich source of weirdness. Personally, I'm fascinated by paranormalist physics-abuse as it percolates through popular culture, and, let's face it, quite a few places outside of physics. Here's a lovely example: somebody presented a paper at a conference called "The Semiotics of Time." From the announcement on H-Net:Some scientists believe that viral DNA dispatched from an alien cosmic civilization has been transferred into the DNA of earth’s organisms. In relation to this idea o … [Read more...]