LINK: Does the threat of a highway to Hell deter a problem child? New study shows the complications of belief and crime

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LINK: How Dare You Threaten Me with Your Harmless Opinion?

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Can Theists Be Moral?

That's a pretty silly question, isn't it? I would argue that it is about as silly as the question, "Can Atheists Be Moral?" Even fundamentalist Christian philosophers grant that atheists can know moral principles and behave according to those principles. If someone wishes to deny that theists or atheists can have morals, it seems the burden of proof should fall on them to offer some reason why they could not have morals. … [Read more...]

LINK: Daniels on Farrah: Atheists Can’t Be Real Americans

Mike Daniels at Secular News Daily has an excellent discussion of Farrah's anti-atheist diatribe. … [Read more...]

LINK: Why The “Minimal Facts” Model is Unpersuasive

This is not new, but I just stumbled across this. It's a very interesting summary and critique of the "minimal facts" approach to arguing evidentially for the Resurrection.LINK … [Read more...]

Basic Structure of My Evidential Arguments

Epistemic Interpretation of ProbabilityIn this article series, when I refer to probability I shall be adopting the epistemic interpretation of probability. The epistemic probability of a statement is a measure of the probability that a statement is true, given some stock of knowledge. In other words, epistemic probability measures a person’s degree of belief in a statement, given some body of evidence. The epistemic probability of a statement can vary from person to person and from time to t … [Read more...]

A Brief Comment on Terminology

The purpose of this post is just to define terms used in my series on evidential arguments for naturalism.Before discussing specific arguments for and against atheism, I think it would be useful to define some terms. In doing so I will adopt the definitions put forth by Professor Theodore M. Drange in his excellent essay, "Atheism, Agnosticism, Noncognitivism." Consider the sentence, "God exists." Do you think that sentence is meaningful? In other words, do you think that sentence is either … [Read more...]

Index: Evidential Arguments for Naturalism

Preliminary Issues"A Brief Comment on Terminology" "Naturalism vs. Theism: An Apples to Oranges Comparison?" "Is a Proof of the Non-Existence of God Even Possible?" "Basic Structure of My Evidential Arguments" "Paul Draper, the Fallacy of Understated Evidence, Theism, and Naturalism" "20+ Questions for Theists" "Index: The Argument from Silence"Evidential Arguments for NaturalismThe Evidential Argument from Scale (AS) The Evidential Argument from the History of … [Read more...]