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Theism, Atheism, and Metaethics

In response to my comments on "Atheist Ethicist: Theism, Atheism, and Blame," Keith Parsons rightfully pointed out an error and an inconsistency in my comments where I had denied that theism has metaethical implications. As is often (if not always) the case in philosophy, a lot of this depends on terminology. And although I responded in the combox on that post, I realized that the issue really warrants its own post.Philosophy of Religion TerminologyLet me begin by rehearsing some terminology, … [Read more...]

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence (ECREE), Part 7: Christian Apologist Glenn Miller Agrees!

Not all theists or even Christians reject ECREE. One example of a Christian apologist who accepts ECREE is my friend Glenn Miller. Glenn writes:I personally agree with this principle...and so does God, apparently...why else would there be such an emphasis on it in the bible? The only issue I would have with the skeptic would be how 'extraordinary' does it have to be before it counts as 'extraordinary'?I address this issue in my reply to William Lane Craig. Glenn then proceeds to argue that the … [Read more...]

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence (ECREE), Part 6: Is ECREE False? A Reply to Greg Koukl and Melinda Penner (continued)

(continued from Part 5)Penner's Third Rebuttal: A third response to the demand recognizes that very extraordinary events happen all the time if the co-occurrence of several features in a state of affairs is evaluated probabilistically.I agree with this sentence (if "extraordinary events" means "improbable or very improbable events"), but this does not in any way undermine ECREE.Penner also writes: "So no matter how extraordinary the event, no explanation is needed because extraordinary events … [Read more...]

Humor: Facebook Still Tickles Me from Time to Time

HT: Tris Stock … [Read more...]

Atheist Ethicist: Theism, Atheism, and Blame

This is an old post, but worth linking to now regardless. Alonzo Fyfe at the Atheist Ethicist makes this important point.If you take “atheism” and its counter-part “theism” NEITHER of these are a source of violence or evil. You cannot draw any moral implications from the statement, “It is not the case that at least one God exists” just as you cannot draw any moral implication from the statement, “It is the case that at least one God exists.” They are both behaviorally, morally, and practical … [Read more...]

Jehovah is a Sexist – Part 6

I have finished examining the first three chapters of Genesis, and have also provided more than a dozen other examples from other parts of the Old Testament that show Jehovah to be a sexist (freely borrowing from Michael Coogan's excellent book God and Sex: What the Bible Really Says): summary,  my reasoning goes like this: Jehovah is a sexist, so Jehovah is less than a perfectly good person.  If Jehovah is less … [Read more...]