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A Red-winged Blackbird

My daughter is a freshman philosophy student who is currently writing her second-ever essay in philosophy.  The topic is Descartes Meditations.  We have been discussing the deceptive god and evil genius skeptical arguments for the past week.  So, my disagreement with Stephen Law about the relevance (or irrelevance) of the Kalam cosmological argument to the evil god hypothesis coincides nicely with philosophical discussions going on in my own household.  One question at issue … [Read more...]

Atheist Prayer Experiment

Justin Brierley reviews the results of an experiment in which atheists pray for 40 days for God to reveal himself to them. Go here.Thanks to The Atheist Missionary for drawing attention to this on twitter.This is a win-win experiment to set up for the purposes of evangelizing of course.Reasons why you should perhaps expect some positive reports include:(i) Atheists who agree to sign up to this fairly onerous prayer regime are more likely to think there might be something to religious belief (one … [Read more...]

Marriage Equality in the state of Washington

I'm proud to be a citizen of one of the first states to pass a Marriage Equality act (Referendum Measure No. 74 in Washington).70% of the ballots in the state have now been tallied, and Referendum 74 is currently ahead by about 6 percentage points (53% to 47%). There are a little over 370,000 more ballots to count, but 133,000 of those are from the largest and most liberal county in the state: King county (where I live), and King county is approving 74 by a large margin (about 66% to 34%), … [Read more...]

Darwin Gets Write-In Votes in Georgia, Darwin lost the election. … [Read more...]

Video Commentary on my debate with William Lane Craig

Someone was kind enough to take the trouble to make this video going through some of the exchanges between myself and Bill Craig in our debate.There is an error. The creator of the video says that the subject of the debate was the existence of the Christian God. In fact, the question before us was simply "Does God exist?"However, the points made in the video remain valid, as Craig, in the debate itself, actually defines God as being necessarily good. Hence, if I can show there is no good God, … [Read more...]

Pre-Op MTF TS Nudity in a Women’s Restroom?

In an earlier post, I mentioned Lydia McGrew's team blog, What's Wrong with the World. I've been reading several of the articles there and came across this."There is no bottom of the hill"Dr. McGrew blogs about a recent case in American state of Washington, where a pre-operative ("pre-op")* Male-to-Female (M2F) transsexual named Colleen Francis. Although the news report does not refer to Colleen Francis as a pre-op M2F, I am assuming that she must be pre-op otherwise the teenage girls would … [Read more...]

CNN: Election results raise questions about Christian right’s influence

LINK … [Read more...]

Atheism and the Case Against Christ by Matt McCormick

I've spent a great deal of time reading and researching the (a)theism debate. When asked for reading suggestions, I usually stick with either Arguing about Gods by Graham Oppy, and Logic and Theism by Jordan Howard Sobel. While these books are great at examining the arguments for theism in general, they usually seem far removed from the personal beliefs that many individuals hold. I am hesitant to recommend popular atheism books because I generally find their arguments less than satisfactory. … [Read more...]