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Empty Defense of an Empty Tomb: A Reply to Anne A. Kim’s Misunderstandings

I finished this essay many years ago, but due to my hiatus never got around to publishing it until now. It will be announced on the Secular Web’s “What’s New?” page very soon. It can be accessed immediately by using the link below, however.Abstract: William Lane Craig has argued for the historicity of Jesus' empty tomb on the basis of ten lines of evidence. In response, Jeffery Jay Lowder argued that Craig had not yet shown that any of his ten items of evidence make the empty tomb more probable t … [Read more...]

Connecting via Social Media

Here are two ways you may connect with me “socially” if you’re so inclined. Atheist Nexus Here I have very little on that site at this time, but if you’d like to “connect” in a more social fashion feel free to drop by and send a request. Google Plus Here Facebook I have a Facebook account, but I am not a fan of Facebook, so I’m not interested in building out my connections there. … [Read more...]

The Loftus-Torley Exchange

It seems to me that Torley clearly has the upper hand in this exchange so far. As a debate judge, I would “flow” the entire “debate” to Torley up to this point. But that doesn’t mean game over for Loftus, however. In each case, I think Loftus has strong replies available. Here are my brief comments on Torley’s points. Mistake #1. Loftus’ failure to take account of prior probabilities As a Bayesian, I agree that taking account of prior probabilities is essential. Of course, I also think metaphysi … [Read more...]

Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism refuted

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Erik Wielenberg: An Inconsistency in Craig’s Defence of the Moral Argument

Abstract. I argue that William Craig’s defence of the moral argument is internally inconsistent. In the course of defending the moral argument, Craig criticizes non-theistic moral realism on the grounds that it posits the existence of certain logically necessary connections but fails to provide an adequate account of why such connections hold. Another component of Craig’s defenceof the moral argument is an endorsement of a particular version of the divine command theory (DCT). Craig’s version of … [Read more...]

Further Comments on shall restrict myself to one small comment on what is a very long post that covers a great deal of ground very quickly.In my previous post, I wrote this: "Question: Is there a first cause in causal reality? If so, then, causal reality begins with that first cause. Moreover, it might seem right to say that causal reality begins to exist with that first cause. (Of course, … [Read more...]

Does Belief Require Understanding?

Imagine going to the library at a university with a nuclear physics program and picking up a copy of a peer-reviewed journal in nuclear physics. I'm assuming that you, the reader, are like the 99.99999% of the population by having no ability whatsoever to understand anything in that journal. Unintimidated by the subject matter, you browse the table of contents and randomly pick an article. You try to read it, but discover that there are literally no nouns or verbs in the article you understand. … [Read more...]

Herman Phillipse on God, Ethics, and Evolution

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