Today in Boston

Standing in Love

Like everyone else in Boston, I am wholly distracted by the manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect going on in my city. Prayers and reflections on violence, death, and living from a place of connectedness. [Read more...]



What is fundamentalism? Is it all bad? Can the term ‘fundamentalist’ be applied to Pagans? [Read more...]

Interview with Christine Hoff Kraemer on Albion Calling


I was honored this week by an interview by Dr. Ethan Doyle White for his blog Albion Calling–part of a series of interviews with scholars of Pagan studies and esotericism. [Read more...]

What is the foundation of Pagan ethics?

Immanence by Cecilia Lieder

Pagans don’t have a holy book with commandments from a deity. We tend to derive our ethics from reasoning about the world around us. We cultivate virtues rather than following commandments. But we also have a specifically and recognisably Pagan response to the world. [Read more...]

Values, beliefs, practices

SENZ umbrella testing - photo by Eelke Dekker

What makes you a Pagan? Is it what you believe, what you do, or something else? [Read more...]

Aspects of initiation

In the Cave of Pitson, Corinth, Peloponnese, the Agricultural Adornment of Demeter, Pan and Nymphs. 540/530 BCE.

In my view, there are six separate aspects to initiation. There is the inner process of transformation; the initiation by the gods and goddesses (making contact with the numinous); experiencing the Mysteries (that which cannot be spoken, or Arrheton); being given the secrets of the group (that which must not be spoken, or Aporrheton); joining the group mind; and the joining of the lineage or tradition of which the group is part. [Read more...]

Five questions about Paganism

Pagan handfasting ceremony at Avebury (Beltane 2005) - source: ShahMai Network

(1) How is paganism different?

(2) What is the significance of its difference?

(3) What are the key issues in a modernity project?

(4) What can paganism contribute to these issues in contrast to contributions from other religions?

(5) How can or does paganism work with other religions in addressing issues of economic imbalance, corporate power, industrial pollution, global warming, disaster relief and constructive cooperation? [Read more...]