Conservative Protestant schools should offer something that students cannot get elsewhere. Read more

Hate speech is not illegal, and it cannot become illegal. Trust me that when it is illegal that the definition of hate speech will grow. Read more

I am not as concerned about the conflict among Republicans and Democrats as I am among my fellow conservative Christians. Read more

This has been quite a year in politics. To say that President Trump has been controversial is to say that water is wet. And he has earned every bit of that controversy. But even all of the drama seems to be minor in comparison to the recent Moore/Jones excitement in Alabama. Yeah it has been quite a year. In a few days most of us will celebrate Christmas. In fact as you read this, you may already be on your… Read more

Why am I hesitant to accept secularization theory? One word. Children. Secular individuals have fewer children than religious individuals. Read more

There is a poison in our society that is ruining our ability to make intelligent and fair decisions. The poison is found in all types of groups. It is encouraging foolish statements and irrational decisions. Read more

A couple of weeks ago I took on the notion that privilege was a myth and likely pissed off political conservatives. Last week I took on the idea of calling people out for their privilege and likely pissed off political progressives. This week I want to talk about everyone having privilege and disadvantages as well as the responsibilities that go with that reality. I also hope to deconstruct what privilege is and hopefully set parameters for a better conversation on… Read more

Last week I took on those who do not tend to take the idea of privilege seriously. This week I take on those who take it seriously, but are also misusing the idea of privilege. In fact the real advantage of using the concept of privilege is to help others comprehend the way some people understand their marginalized social position. In time, and with better communication, we may be able to find solutions to our problems that take into consideration… Read more

Men should not sexually harass or assault women. It does not matter whether you agree with me politically or religiously or in any other way. Read more

I stated last week that privilege is a useful concept. Of course not everyone feels that way. Indeed, many individuals are invested in the concept of colorblindness as it concerns racial privilege. The argument from colorblindness is that privilege does not exist and is instead merely a tool being used by activists to shut down conversation and to win political concessions. Therefore, attempts to ignore race are seen as the moral path to take in our racial discussions. I am… Read more

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