I am wearing pants.

Hi, I’m the Jerk. I’m allowed to write movie reviews on Simcha’s blog once a week under two conditions. One: I keep the language clean. Two: I have to wear pants when I write. (Somehow, she can tell.)

I know, some of you were made SAD by my review of Yentl. I know some of you thought I should probably go to the beach for a STAYCATION, and maybe cool it for a while. I even know some of you,…thought I should,…stop writing,… altogether,…

And you know, I was gonna ditch the whole thing this week. I wanted to concentrate on my philanthropic work, hand write some letters to loved ones, and organize the agenda for my next Opus Dei meeting. (We’re gonna complain about our wives this time!)

But then I got a letter from one of my fans. Not a letter, really, but a fan fiction comic book he had made of Point Break, this week’s movie. OK, more like a set of obscene drawings of Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves with Lori Petty. OK, and maybe he glued pictures of his head on Lori Petty’s body. Hallie, you might want to find a good attorney.

"I do have a JCL and can assist with you annulments! Call Now!"

Point Break

You can pretty much smell 1991 all over this movie.

First you got Swayze in full bore Swayze mode. Scruffy beard, long hair, Zen nonsense. It’s practically a Ben Gazzara cameo away from being Road House. (And yes Dan, there are plenty of boobs in the movie. Now quit it.) But you see, this movie is working on a totally different plane. They give us a complete Swayze – BUT HE’S THE BAD GUY!!!

Mind Blown!

That’s right, he’s the leader of the Ex Presidents, a surfer gang that goes around robbing banks so they can surf year round. Hey, you know, now that I’ve typed that out, it doesn’t seem that stupid after all. Hmm.

But you know what? There’s this totally cool FBI agent who is on to them. Yeah, he’s brash and he plays by his own rules, but he gets the job done. You know who I mean. Agent Pappas as played by Gary Busey.

I got a Cademy Reward at home!

No Gary. That’s your BAFTA award. Jon Voight won that year. Remember?


So Agent Pappas is out to get Swayze when he is joined by rookie agent Johnny Utah, as played by Canoe Reeves.

That's Keanu.


Here is where we hit the Keanu Vortex. How did this guy ever have a career? He makes Tom Cruise look human? He has the charisma of wet cloth. HE HAS BEADY EYES. The existence of Keanu Reeve, Movie Star, is one of those unfathomable mysteries of the universe.

At least Lori Petty’s time as a movie star was short lived. For some reason, she kept getting cast as the spunky, tom boy heroine who fell hard for some meat head like Canoe. Then she made Tank Girl.

I now teach gym.

Good for you.

So Canoe goes undercover and learns the ways of surfing from Swayze. They totally become like soul mates. And they jump out of an airplane. But that was really part of some nefarious plot by Swayze to outsmart Canoe.

Yeah, you can outsmart Canoe by taking him skydiving. You can also outsmart him by telling him if he closes his eyes, he’ll turn invisible.

Here’s the thing: Aside for the terrible, terrible acting, this is a really good movie. It has a classic tension between two leads. Like an old Western. If they weren’t on opposite sides of the law they would be friends.

Check out this clip of the chase scene. The action beats are terrific.

YouTube Preview Image

Alright, I totally want that red Lincoln.

If you don’t own Point Break already, you must. Be warned, though, members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers make cameos throughout the picture. There is a lot of bad language, quite a bit of nudity, and even Lori Petty gets nekkid. Yeah.

As some of you may know, my parole officer says this does not count as time off my sentence. Basically, between the halfway home restrictions and the time it takes for me to pan handle enough for a 40, I have a little less free time now that I have to show up for the community service.

What I’m saying is, I’m gonna start writing these in advance. But that means I won’t be able to do a poll for a while. Send your requests to thejerkdoesnotlikeyou@gmail.com

Next week: Sean Connery’s sci-fi adventure Zardoz. It’s directed by John Boorman, who made Excalibur, one of Simcha’s favorite films.

  • http://harvestthehome.blogspot.com Paula

    Thank you for not showing her in action.

  • http://sortacrunchy.net Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Shame on Simcha for enacting a censorship on your posts. Doesn’t she know how pivotal profanity is to your movie review cred? tsk tsk

    Also, “The name’s Johnny Utah!” BEST. CHARACTER. NAME. EVER.

    Also, 100% pure adrenaline!

    Also, the first time I saw this epic film – a criterion of film awesomeness that set the standard high for movies of the 90s – I was a freshman in high school. My boyfriend and I watched it in that amazing medium of days long past – the VCR. We were, of course, too young to see it in the theater, yet he was able to rent it with no problem. We were watching it in the living room of my boyfriend’s parents’ house while they were tootling around in the nearby kitchen. They kept coming in every few minutes to see what on earth we were watching with all the swearing. I think at about the 45 minute mark, we had to turn it off. To this day when I watch it, I still get a secret thrill of watching something so forbidden.

    Lovely, moving, excellent write-up, Jerk.

  • Sarah in MI

    Favorite line:

    “Bodhi, this is your f%#$ing wake-up call man. I am an F- B- I Agent!”

    Fine acting.

  • Bob

    I’m pretty sure that clip was really taken from “The Killers” (1964).

    Actually, 1964 Lincoln Continentals were even cooler. WAY cooler.

  • http://stmonicasbridge.wordpress.com Kristen

    And I see you didn’t mention Kathryn Bigelow’s fingerprints on this one…long time before HER Oscar. How she went from this to The Hurt Locker? she’s a woman of course, she can only bloom further. Not be stunted like Keanu.

  • http://ThatStrangestofWars.com Dan Lord

    Gary Busey has one little eye and one big, huge eye. Is that a result of seeing Lori Petty nekkid?

  • Sue

    Even though I only watch this movie for Swayze, you all are way too hard on Keanu. Did you not see his poignant and moving portrayal of Todd in Parenthood?

  • justine

    Remind me to never sit on any chairs in your house.

  • http://mamalong.wordpress.com/ Sarah Long

    Canoe can play robots quite well.

  • http://arkanabar.blogspot.com Arkanabar T’verrick Ilarsadin

    Why on earth are you subjecting us to even a review of Zardoz?

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  • http://arkanabar.blogspot.com Arkanabar T’verrick Ilarsadin

    Whups, bad link. Here’s the other review of Zardoz: http://b-moviecat.blogspot.com/2008/12/zardoz.html

    • http://datelineapocalypse.wordpress.com The Jerk

      Gee, thanks. Guess I can close up shop now.

  • Sarah

    i love chase scenes that go through people’s houses.

  • http://thewinedarksea.com/weblog.php MelanieB

    How can you be so mean to Keanu? Don’t you know he’s a Great American Actor? He’s done Shakespeare you know. So that means he must be a genius.

  • http://www.cinemarx.ro/utilizator/norww3/ norww3


  • http://coffeeandacardigan.blogspot.com Louise Mohr

    I can’t read this stuff at work. My boss knows from the stifled laughter that I am NOT working.

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