And now for something

completely different.  You're welcome! This is our new favorite show:  Pingu.  Love the claymation, love the emotive language (especially the way the penguin midwife talks, that combination of meditative and matter-of-fact -- why does it crack me up?  And she carries a stethoscope and a SPOON in her bag!).  Fairly sure Pingu (the big brother) is one of my sons. Ahh, nothing like anthromorphic penguins to soothe the soul after a long, hard week of arguing about pants.  Truly, we … [Read more...]


Sick of talking about pants yet?  TOO BAD!  I want to talk about pants!  Some more! Actually, I want to talk about creeps.  Because that's what this is about: it's about creeps forgetting to hide how creepy they are.  So many people said so many smart things yesterday -- but the best comments were the ones which rooted out the worst part of the original pantsalog.  The worst part was this: [Wear skirts] for us, the minority of chaste men who merit the gift of enjoying your beauty in … [Read more...]

Pants: A Manifesto – COMMENTS CLOSED

Consider the following food for thought, and not a hard-and-fast directive.  So in case you were under the bizarre impression that some random essay written by a layperson has some moral force, then rest at ease.  I repeat, this is not a directive!  But you better listen to me, or you're going to hell. Top ten reasons I wear pants 1.  I live in NH, where winter happens.  Pants. 2.  My husband finds most women's pants to be more or less neutral, as far as their power to affect … [Read more...]

Nose newts

Hey, is anyone actually going to participate in the feebly-advertised link carnival for search term poems?  I was going to have it tomorrow, but I'll just skip it if you'd rather.  Anyone? Also, I wrote something silly (no, really!) and just posted it at both The Anchoress and The Inside Blog.  In the words of Gnarls Barkley, "Would it be so hard for you to come and visit me here?" … [Read more...]

Seven quick takes: Movies We’re Almost Ready To Watch

In our recent discussion about the dubious heroism of Columbus, Lincoln, and Joel Hodgson (well, somebody should have said Joel), The Jerk did his job as peacemaker, and poured soothing oils on the stormy waters of our dialogue by bringing up the subject of fluoridation. For readers who are not familiar with The Jerk, he is this guy who writes for my blog, and he is a jerk.  What's the matter, The Jerk -- sick and tired of having a friendly chat with strangers online about vaccines, maybe, … [Read more...]

Betty Butterfield

I don't think Betty Butterfield is an acquired taste -- I think you either find her funny right away, or just turn away in disgust and bafflement, and that's that.  Since Betty doesn't explain herself, I won't, either, but here are a few of my favorite clips.  (These are not for kids!!) Betty does a whole series on visiting churches, and I think the Catholics come out looking the best.  Here she is on her visit to St. Assisi Francentine: Visiting a Unitarian … [Read more...]

A little blaze

In discussing history with my older kids, I always try to hammer home the following point: when someone tells you that this or that issue is perfectly simple, then that person is either stupid or lying. Here's a satisfying case in point:  a recent Salon article (h/t to Kevin James) reminds us that, despite what renowned scholar Dan "I know how to type" Brown tells us, it wasn't the mean old misogynistic Church who led those infamous European witch hunts.  More reliable … [Read more...]

Planet Aid, runaway tushy, cheese dip, etc.

How sad -- the long weekend is over.  We had a lovely time devouring sausages and hot cheese dip, drinking beer and visiting with family, including our new godson, who is plenty cute, let me tell you.  But I really didn't mind handing him back to my sister when he wouldn't quit squawking. Come see the stupid thing I wrote.  It's cross-posted at The Anchoress and Inside Catholic's Inside Blog, so why don't you pretend to be two people and leave comments in both places?  One comment can be … [Read more...]

Where the hell is the mail?

Oh.  Sorry, never mind. My husband's new job is working out quite well, thanks.  He even actually has the day off today!  (Of course he's not being paid for it, which means he worked his behind off last week to make up for the lost hours.) Anyway, we're not accustomed to this sort of thing, so I got all mixed up about posting, not posting, posting something appropriate, wondering what would be appropriately proletarian for Labor Day, wondering if I just used the word "proletarian" … [Read more...]

Furry sibling rivalry

(image source) My kids fight sometimes.  Of course they do.  But I have long thought that well-meaning parents actually cause much of the sibling rivalry that worries them so.  Most parenting magazines, sooner or later, run an article for parents expecting baby #2, explaining how to guide the usurped older child through the horror and the devastation of bringing a new baby into the home. Now, I don't mean to be a pollyanna about what really happens.  Sometimes it's not pretty.  … [Read more...]