But first, come see my Register doo-dah, doo-dah, called "Is the world getting worse?"  Short answer:  no.  Long answer:  well, go see! I had the misfortune to somehow accidentally post this piece yesterday, but didn't realize it until someone who disagreed with me left a comment.  So I took the post down, and then had the lovely time-warping experience of being able to craft a reply to the comment that will be reappearing today.  Ha ha! In other news, I am planning a CONTEST.  With … [Read more...]


image source Most serious Catholics have had this experience:  all on fire for some bracing, difficult truth that seems central to our lives, we march forward in a fine, fervent frenzy, and rip a new asshole for everyone in the room -- in service of the truth.  Because, as it says in scripture, "The Lord thy God wants you to rip everyone a new asshole." The problem with this approach is twofold: (1)  People are generally not much swayed by the, "Listen up, jerkwad, and I'll teach you … [Read more...]

Lucy update: awake, coming home soon

Thanks again for all the prayers and good wishes.  My husband says her stitches look really, really good, and she is finally awake, so they will be leaving the hospital soon.  He said that the drug they gave her has the side effect of vivid dreams.  This is a kid who lives life 200% more vividly than most people already, so I hate to think. … [Read more...]

Oh, I forgot –

Here is my post today at the Register:  There's no such fing as grace! Thanks so much for all the prayers and concern.  Kiddo still hasn't seen the doctor yet.  My husband says she is alert, so that's good -- no sign of concussion or anything! … [Read more...]

My wild girl got hurt this morning.

This morning,  my three-year-old daughter apparently decided that, while she was waiting for me to wake up, she'd just go into the attic and jump around for a while.  Only she accidentally jumped on the trap door in the attic floor.  So I, sleeping in the room below, woke up to see her dropping from the ceiling onto the bedroom floor. She's okay, but has a really bad cut on her face.  We spent a few hours in the local ER, and now she and my husband are enroute to a plastic surgeon at a … [Read more...]

Less than a week until the Mom’s Day Away!

Just one more week until the Faith and Family Mom's Day Away! There's still time to register, so I hope you can go!  It's in Stoneham, MA, very close to Boston.  I know several women will be bringing their babies with them, and Danielle Bean tells me: We purposely made all the "prayer in the chapel" type of stuff optional so that moms with kids or moms who came mostly to socialize won't feel "stuck" in quiet places. The church we'll be in has a beautiful hall with lovely side rooms that … [Read more...]

“Buy Your Priest a Beer!” Week

Oh, I forgot to mention that today's post is up at the Register! There, now I mentioned it. … [Read more...]

So tell me: Marriage Prep

All this talk about young married couples has sent me on a trip down memory lane, back to the old days when my husband was naught but a boyish husband-to-be, and I was a blushing maiden of 22.  And by "maiden," I mean I was 22.  Ah, yoot! We did go to marriage preparation classes.  They were held by another couple in their comfortable home.  It was a little too comfortable, as I recall:  they installed me next to the fire in a rocking chair, and I damn near fell asleep every night as … [Read more...]

There Are Many Mansions

Boy, that was quite a day, yesterday!  Thanks again, everyone, for a great discussion.  The second day of a big post tends to be a little crummier -- the piece gets links on less-friendly message boards, and you get a lot more of the "I have no intention of reading this Godless piffle, but let me tell YOU a thing or two" kind of comments.  So I guess what I'm saying is, if you subscribed to comments, look out. Also, today at Mr. Register (I don't know why I said that), I have a post up … [Read more...]

Why doesn’t the Church just make a list?

image source When Catholics talk about NFP, someone always asks rather plaintively why the Church doesn't just clear up all the confusion about what does and does not constitute a legitimate reason to avoid a pregnancy.  Why not just make a list:  on the right, good reasons for postponing a pregnancy; on the left, bad reasons? Obviously we should still pray and try to discern God's will for us -- but why does it have to be so vague?  Why doesn't the Church just give us a break and spell … [Read more...]