You want pandas?

I learned something today.

I learned that it’s all very well for me to sit here in my semi-comfortable chair, pontificating about what’s wrong with this and what’s wrong with that.  But you know what?  That’s the easy way out.  Everyone can point out the problem, but no one wants to come up with the solution.

Well, that changes today.   The people have spoken.  We want a fun, child-pleasing program that will draw the kids in.  We want social consciousness.  We want empowerment of the weak and we want community invovlement.  We want non-profit, we want music and razzle dazzle.  And we want, I guess, for some reason, pandas.

Well, my friends, HERE.  YOU.  GO.

You are very welcome.  As I’ve said before, I’m basically a healer.

  • Kara

    Ah, the eternal right to arm bears…

  • Sarah M

    Homestar? Simcha Fisher you’re my hero!

    • Jeni

      I have loved homestar a loooong looong time now. Good stuff :)

  • bob cratchit


  • Finny

    I have a Pistols for Pandas T-Shirt. It is my most prized possession.

  • sara

    I’m afraid to go look, but I’m guessing something went horribly wrong with your critique of VBS? You sure do know how to attract the cranks.

  • Mary S

    Out of curiosity, what IS a community invovlement? ;)

    For some reason, at 11pm at night that’s just hilarious to me. Say it out loud. “In-VOV-uhl-ment”.

  • Mary Beth

    So, let’s put Strong Bad in charge of VBS next year and give those exhausted moms a break.

    And yes, I will testify-I am healed.

  • Eileen

    Hah! My boys and I really enjoyed this one. My six and four year olds are now, no kidding, playing escape from the zoo.

    On a side note, I’ve recently begun to shop for a few items at Whole Foods. And I couldn’t feel more like a fish out of water from the minute I park my big a$$ SUV in the lot until I leave. I joke that when I get to the register I ask the lady to double bag my order, plastic if she has it please.

  • Kayla

    Simcha, where oh where do you find this stuff?

  • Kaylan

    I agree. Panda’s can be good and kids only care if its fun, colorful and has treats (speaking of VBS) :)

  • Cari

    HOMESTAR RUNNER! You have now obtained cult status around here. I want a little Simcha Fisher plastic toy to put up in the garage next to our collection of Homestar Runner plastic toys. No, I’m not kidding.

    On either part.

    • Jeni

      I’d buy one!

  • priest’s wife

    ok Simcha- it’s 7:30 here and I was sneaking a ‘net fix before the kids got out of bed —My volume was NOT LOW and now these kids have me talking about the deep significance of this…

  • Bill Burns

    Strong Bad will have them all drawing Trogdor and burning down thatched-roof cottages in no time!

  • Anne

    I wasted so much time on that website when I was in college. And by wasted, I mean, laughed my butt off instead of studying for statistics.

  • Geomama

    Love the motto, “This good cause is good…’cause.” The pistol panda graphic is also brilliant. Too bad I didn’t see this before our church did “Panda Mania”- we could have livened up Chatter Theater.

  • Theresa

    Haha! LOVE Homestar Runner! This is brilliant! :D

  • Suzanna

    Check out :) It includes age-appropriate TOB concepts! It also has the Imprimatur. w00t!

  • Callie