Pro-Life Teens Give Women a Voice

Little green shoots everywhere! … [Read more...]

You say you want a resolution?

You know, nobody really likes Newt Gingrich.  But with me, it goes deeper than that. I also don't like anyone else. … [Read more...]

My favorite Christmas album

So how come iTunes would let me upload the audio for "Scary Monsters" as a test post, but not "In Dulce Iubilo" for the actual post about my favorite Christmas album?  IT'S THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Or, I'm just really, really bad at using the computer.     … [Read more...]

I don’t even.

You see what you've done to me?  I've been trying to figure out for two days how to express how astonished, bowled over, and grateful I am to everyone who contributed (or complained about not being able to contribute!) to my fabulous virtual baby shower, hosted by my dear friend Jennifer Fulwiler . . . and the best I can do is to stammer like an idiot (see title). What I'm trying to say is, BOY, that was a lot of money. Thank you.  It not only helps tremendously with all the "new baby/end … [Read more...]

Eight Ways of Looking at a Baby

Back in the saddle again!  Today at the Register, a few ways in which baby Benny is already pulling her (steadily increasing) weight.   … [Read more...]

Baby Post with Blabbering and Lots of Pictures!

I took a week off writing and forgot how to write.  So here are some miscellaneous word-thingies about life with our lovely Baby Benny, who is six days old today. THE NAME: We originally chose Benedict Renée Fisher, thinking "blessed and reborn" was pretty awesome, with the bonus of a tribute to our beloved pope and St. Benedict.  But then we realized her initials would be BRF, which any self-respecting sibling would immediately and permanently identify as BARF.  So Renée was … [Read more...]

Benedicta Maribel

Born at 12:02 a.m. Dec. 8. She is 8 pounds, 14 ounces. Both baby and Mama are doing great. … [Read more...]

Martha and Mary and Primitive Screwheads

Christmas shopping for the moderately holy. … [Read more...]

Big and Angry Goes for a Drive

Yes, I'm still here.  So I'm going to grouse about bumper stickers.  (Hope to post about my pregnancy non-progress later in the day!) … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Bullies

Is the choice to breastfeed or not a moral issue?  In America, hardly ever. … [Read more...]