What’s your apology policy?

I’d like to apologize for today’s post, because — well, I don’t know why, yet.  But I’m sure someone will let me know.

Also, I couldn’t get my kids to leave me alone long enough so I could find the clip from South Park where they have to apologize to Jesse Jackson.  So, sorry about that.

  • http://gravatar.com/victorlams victor

    In regards to apology category #5, to quote Captain John Sheridan: “As with everything else, it’s the thought that counts.”


  • http://www.stateofplayblog.com Thomas L. McDonald

    You know, if you HAD posted the scene from South Park, you’d just have to apologize for it.

  • The Jerk

    You forgot the two versions of The Mark Shea Apology:

    1. I’m sorry you’re such a moron and you can’t hear what I’m saying because you have your head up your ass. Shea Smash!

    2. Having just read my last apology, I’m going to confession.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/simchafisher Simcha Fisher

      I love Mark Shea so much. I hope I never make him mad, though.