You and your heathen friend

  • Julie

    Wow, some people’s problems, hey? I can’t help but think that people who insist you’re not allowed to have non-Catholic friends are like girls in middle school who stress over who is their “Best Friend”. Because you can only have one, and that’s the only person you can go get froyo with after soccer practice, and if you eat lunch with someone else it means you hate her. It’s insane to think that IF this person is my friend THEN we should be able to discuss all of the following sensitive topics; and if we can’t then we must not be Real Friends and there’s no point wasting my time and energy on this person.

    Good spiritual friends are amazing. They’re like running a marathon with someone who’s faster than you: just being with them makes you do your best, or even better than you ever have in the past. (So I’ve heard anyway :P) But that’s not the only kind of social interaction you can have in your life. And frankly I’ve only ever had one or two of these kind of inspiring friends, and my parties would stink if they were the only friends I knew to invite.