Start your week off right . . .

with some Willie Frickin Nelson!

YouTube Preview Image

“There’s more old drunks than there are old doctors, so I guess we better have another round.”  Also, songwriters take note:  two minutes, forty-one seconds, the end.  That’s how you do it.

  • richard

    Sounds like early Buddy Holly. To be truthful, I have rarely listened to Country.

    The man is popular around here though.

  • Kate

    I am SO offended! I’m gonna rant and rave about my offendedness and stuff!!

    Actually, I was just confused that the picture was of George Jones , but your blurb said Willie Nelson. I was happy to discover that the song was sung by both!

    I’m totally gonna create a Pandora station featuring these two today. I need some inspirational music for unpacking boxes. Lots and lots and lots of boxes.

    Happy Monday, Simcha! You ROCK!!!!!

  • Laura Vellenga

    ha! i was hoping someone would be offended!

  • mary

    “Well I gotta get drunk, and I sure do dread it….”

    “Honey,” you just started my week off right! I’m going to have to start pencilling you in for the 5 a.m. slot on Mondays.

  • Julie