Seven Quick Takes, In Which I May Be a Bit Dehydrated

1.  Yay, Patheos tech team!  They brought my archives over from my old blog.  My pages, too, which I’ll be updating soon.  Stay tuned for a list of top ten favorite posts, or at least top posts which seem entertaining without triggering any calls to child protective services.

2.  My Register post is up:  The Happiest Voice.  Last week I had The Saddest Voice.  I think I’m onto something here.  Stay tuned next Friday for The Voice Which Best Exemplifies Perfect Indifference.

3.  In a recent bout of economizing, I told my husband I was ready to downgrade on gin. I am now the proud owner of a nice, big bottle of something called New Amsterdam, and for all I know it does taste exactly like New Amsterdam.

But more importantly, stone cheap.


(My husband, being a gentleman, did tap on it before he bought it, to make sure the bottle was actually glass.)  It’s not quite as smooth as my favorite Tanqueray, but it tastes fine.  But the next day, I remembered something I used to know:  when you buy liquor, what you’re really paying for is the next day.


(Sorry, I just realized this is the second time this week I’ve used an adorable animal to express my inner disposition.  This stops now.)

4.  Speaking of thrift, my son recently showed me his toes.  He was wearing sneakers at the time.  So I had a free moment and headed to the Salvation Army to look for some replacement shoes.  They didn’t have anything for him, but they did have these for $5:


which I had no choice but to buy for my 7-year-old daughter.  They have little disks built into the sole, so you can spin around like a beeeutiful spinning ballerina princess ballerina.  Now obviously, a seven-year-old girl is capable of spinning around without the aid of a special shoes; but then you don’t get to be the greatest mother in the world for ten minutes until you say no to a third ice pop.

5.  100 years ago, Igor “Why You Do Me That Way” Stravinsky premiered his insane, herky jerky, dissonant Rite of Spring

It doesn’t get really nutso until about the 3:33 mark.  People were so upset by what they heard and saw that there was a riot.  A RIOT, because the music wasn’t beautiful, and people still wanted and expected art and music to be beautiful.

Now, I’m of two minds here.  I like Stravinsky, and I’m not one of those people who insists on all harmony all the time.  I’ve sat through John Cage concerts, and I listened hard.  I went to Die Alte Pinakothek and did not skip the abstract expressionists, but lavished my eyeballs all over them all afternoon long.  On the other hand, I want to give those concert rioters a medal, because first there was the Rite of Spring, and now there’s this.  Where were the rioters when these folks



took the stage?  To poop on stage?  Because art, that’s why?  I would make some puns about the heavy load that an artist bears, but I’m too busy weeping until I’m dead.

6.   If you hear anything about whether or not print newspapers can survive, here’s something to keep in mind:  my husband is a reporter, and the other night he emailed me to let me know that he was running late, and that he would be bringing home some cheese.  He said that a cheesemaker owed the paper some money for advertising, and that they had persuaded the ad guy to let them pay their bill in cheese.  So, there you are.  Buy newspapers when you can, before the business acumen leads them to trade in the good camera for a sack full of magic beans and five shares of Enron.

7.  And here is a common potoo:


You may think the photographer just caught him at a bad moment, but no — that’s what the common potoo always looks like.  This particular potoo is named Igor Stravinsky, and he looks like his week has been about as much fun as mine.

Hey, happy Friday!  And happy summer, dammit!  Finally.

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  • richard

    I could never fathom Stravinsky.

  • Tori

    My grandpa is a Beefeater guy, but the blue bottle is the only one for me. Ok, whatever is available is what’s for me, who am I kidding?

  • Rebecca Mlinek

    I have your voice of perfect indifference! Lana Del Rey (Ray? Not sure which.) I’m particularly thinking of “Videogames.” Compelling, in a weird way.

  • Lindsey

    I’ve only had one brand of gin, Bombay Sapphire, and I really like it!

    • Mariana Baca

      That is because it is the best. 😉

  • Lindsey

    Oh, found this article. The only tonic the tasters liked with the New Amsterdam gin you have is Fever Tree (we’ve bought it at the liquor store before, one of the only we could find without HFCS).

  • Jaye Baldwin

    I’m not sure why you blame Stravinsky for the craziness down under, as it were.

    He was imagining pre-Christian ritual sacrifice. It might be a little romanticized (the tunes in the piece are mostly Russian folk songs), and whether art should depict suicide through dance is debatable, but those Aussies aren’t doing anything but, as you say, pooping on stage. Igor’s not responsible.

  • Audrey Warn

    Have you tried, Hendricks or Caorunn? .Not quite the downgrade one’s budget may be needing but, oh, so good…

  • wineinthewater

    True art is always beautiful. However, beauty is not always pretty. Perhaps the most beautiful event in history was the crucifixion.