At the Register: the Earth Is a Nursery

How lunch with friends turned a little bit Children of Men-ish.

And that’s all for me today, folks!  I got home from the ER at 3:30 this morning with a baby with bronchiolitis.  Never had to deal with that before.  Baby is doing much, much better today, but I think my husband and I are going to need some oxygen to get through the day.  My hat is off to all the parents who deal with medical emergencies — asthma, diabetes, CP — as a routine thing. I don’t know how you do it.  I’m feeling so grateful for my normally healthy kids.

Also, it would be nice if you could spare a prayer for the man in the hospital room next to ours last night.  He had lost an eye and was having some kind of crisis with his remaining eye.  I heard the nurse talking about morphine and hospice.  He was so gentle and patient, trying not to put anyone out of their way.  Other people’s fortitude just blows me away.

  • jen

    Hoping that you and your husband can find some time to stare at a bare wall or something today. Night ER runs with kids are tough!

  • Beadgirl

    And after reading your article at the NCR, my hat’s off to you and others with lots of kids. (And here I was freaking out about a measly third child.) I guess we all learn to cope with what we are given, and wonder how others cope with something else.

  • Claire

    All our ER visits have been during the night. Respiratory issues are so scary. Prayers that this will be an isolated incident for your family.

  • pagansister

    Hope your little one is doing MUCH better—and since I’m into this a couple of days later than you posted it, I’m sure he/she is recovering well. I can relate to night time ER visits, but not with a child, but my husband.