NFP Awareness Week: Book Cover Reveal + Open Thread

I am aware of NFP.  Are you?  I’ve been aware that it’s NFP Awareness Week for some time, now, but I’m kinda tired of NFP.  I even wrote a book about it basically so I could stop thinking about it already.

I’m so darn lazy, I don’t even have the energy to put together a list of helpful links – but honestly, that’s why we have Google.   Seriously, you guys, I had a margarita last night at Theology on Tap, and then two, what do you call them, Angry Pirates.  That’s not what they’re called, but either way, the sugar and the booze is making me dumb.  I spent the whole morning assembling my daughter’s new flower pressing kit, and then I realized we could just go ahead and use a big dictionary.  And it turns out I’m supposed to make supper today, or whatever.

So I thought I’d just ask you guys:  any questions, for me or for other readers?  OH, do you want to see my book cover?!? The book is coming out in November, but I can show you the cover!  John Herreid designs covers for Ignatius Press, and because he’s my brother-in-law’s brother, he did my cover for free, possibly not realizing that I was going to be an indecisive, vague, controlling lunatic about it.  This is what we came up with.  It absolutely slays me.

So, if you were considering buying this excellent book for your parish, would the side boob dissuade you?  TOO BAD.  I love this cover so much.  Check out Adam’s hairy legs!  And the priest is like, “WHAT the–“

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  • Eve

    Well I would say, That’s a pretty fabulous cover. Even Adam’s expression is apt for a man using NFP.

  • Mitzi Barnes

    Love this. Still like the “thermometer heart baby’s head,” but this one is better.

  • Suzanna

    Keep the side boob.

  • victor

    Ooh! I call caption contest! Winner gets a free copy!

  • Jeni

    Ha, I want to preorder!!!

  • Sheila

    I like it, but I anticipate you will get resistance….they changed the
    title of the video “Green Sex” to love and life something because of
    negative feedback, and the image on booklet on breast cancer and the
    pill received negative feedback, so was changed (and it was less
    revealing (if you can call it that) than this. So will be interested if
    the “side boob” is a barrier, and I expect it will be for some, tho not
    for me. I bought all the back issues they had of the title Green Sex
    because I preferred it, and there was much more interest in it under that title, than another life giving love title…..

  • Michele Quigley

    Did not even notice the side boob until you pointed it out. I mean, it’s Eve after all. GREAT cover!

  • Mary

    Ha! I love the legs and idea but the colors seem a bit…retro? I wouldn’t want it mistaken for one of those late 80’s NFP books I’ve seen…

  • Kaitlin Jean Finn

    November is so far away….. excuse me while i have a pity party. :(

  • hope t.

    Since you mentioned supper and you have nine kids, I perceive you are a cooking expert. My question is: how do you manage to cook for all those people every day, three times a day? I have half that many children (yes 4.5, since one is living away at college) and I can hardly bear the thirty bazillion meals I have to make each week. By my calculations, you have to make sixty bazillion. How do you do that?

    • Erin

      I only have 2/3rds the number of kids you do (um, three), but we’re busy, I entertain a lot, etc. I make a lot of things in bulk. Like, if I need one chicken for my family, why not make three while the oven is on (I can roast six at once!)? Then we eat roast chicken and simple sides.Next night maybe I shred some chicken and stick it in some sauce (BBQ? buffalo? green salsa? YOU NEVER KNOW!) to stew for a bit. Next afternoon, maybe I make chicken salad for lunch. the rest, if any, gets frozen. I think the protein is what gets me hung up, so I try to keep some sort of large piece of meat thawing or cooking often and make sure we have beans in the pantry/freezer ready to eat. Its only 20 bazillion meals though!

  • Kelly Mason McClintock

    LOVE IT! Heck, I want it on a T-Shirt :)

  • Debbie Z

    I might not have known it was supposed to be Adam and Eve without the side boob. It would have just looked like two people going to confession scantily clad. It is a confusing cover because why would Adam and Eve go to confession? Is this purgatory for them and the priest involved? I guess the cover could allude to the fact that the only reason we even have to consider NFP and sin is because of Adam and Eve. I think it is a cute picture though, it accurately conveys how some have to confess interesting sins due to NFP and the priests confusion over why we felt like we had to confess it as a sin,.

  • Cam

    I don’t cheat on my wife, and that’s really hard, so I’m entitled to some compensation.  So line up, covers of NFP books, and show me some sideboob.  Neutrally modest isn’t good enough — I deserve animated anatomy.

    • simchafisher

      Heh . . . heh?

  • Melissa Hunter-Kilmer

    It definitewy doesn’t wook wike contwaceptive mentawity.

  • Tim in Cleveland

    Would that cover be considered a ménage à croix?

  • Helen

    To say I hate NFP would be a huge understatement. If NFP were a person, I’d hit it with my van full of children and then back over it for good measure. Nothing in my life has caused me to question my faith like NFP does. After reading West’s book on sexuality, I decided I was done torturing myself. But I like you so I think I’ll read your book.

  • Carla

    Personally, I’d nix the side boob and maybe scoot Eve a little further forward, not because it bothers me but because it will bother the sensibilities of some, including probably some who view NFP as a lack of trust in Divine Providence but might be open to considering what’s in your book if the cover were a little different. I keep thinking of the negative response to Greg Popcak’s Book, Holy Sex! A Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Sex, because the title was considered something less than pure and wholesome. I thought it was a great title and a great book, but I will say that I did put our copy somewhere our teenagers wouldn’t come across it. I also think the dark red background color (at least as it shows up on my screen) looks a little 80s like one other person said. How about sage green instead? :-)