At the Register: Nine Kids, Wacka Wacka!

Sometimes it really is easier to have a big family, even when you’re camping.

I have no idea if anyone’s actually interested, but I will having camping pics up tomorrow.  Here’s one I swiped off my husband’s Facebook page.  If you look closely, you can see my oldest kid, who recently dyed her hair blue.


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  • Beautiful picture.

    I love that your oldest dyed her hair blue. We only have 5, but even at that tame number, we early on had to decide what battles to pick. Wanna dye your hair? Hey, it’s your hair, try not to destroy it. Wanna go bare-foot? OK, if it’s not Church. Wanna dress in colors rarely seen in nature and never previously concentrated on the same human-sized palate? Whatever.

    However, the one time it rained on a camping trip, we packed up and went home. But then again, we live in California, land of the 300+ nice days a year. I’m a sissy.

    • Yes but, rainy camping trips completely suck. I have had a few of those 🙁

  • Karen Dickerson Kuplack

    Meh. My second oldest dyed his hair red. Red, Red. He’ll have it shaved off on August 14 anyway he figured he’d live a little. Of course I wished he had done it after his cousin’s wedding and family reunion. :sigh: If that is his big “rebellion” I consider myself

  • Steve

    …and why would anyone dye their hair blue?

    • simchafisher

      I dunno, because she’s fifteen, and she can? It looks nice on her.

  • Oh yes. Definitely. For me, six kids is a whole lot harder than five was, but even when the baby had colic it still wasn’t quite as hard as three… Go figure.