My Brother, Steve Gershom.

No, really, he’s my actual brother, Joey.  Joseph Prever, to you.  He’s been writing as Steve Gershom (“Catholic, Gay, and Feeling Fine, Thanks”) for a couple of years now, but today , with the help of Daffy Duck and Strong Bad, he’s shedding the semi-anonymity — and hoping it won’t hurt his chances with the ladies.

Go say hello!  Good job, Joey.  We love you.


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  • bearing

    NO WAY.

    Genius runs in your family. That is all I can say.

  • wow! This is much more interesting than when people find out who I am 😉

  • Should have linked the homestar references… shoulda known. uh yeah kidding! This is so awesome!! Going to go lavish praise on your brother’s blog.

  • Sara McD

    HAHA! I should have known – smarts and quirky humor runs in families.

  • Louise

    I just saw his real name on his blog and realized he must be your brother. Wow! I love you both so much. Your blogs are my 2 favorites. It’s so beautiful (and now makes so much sense) that you’re family. Tearing up!

  • Susan Windley-Daoust

    Wow. You all are like the Kennedys of Catholic Blogdom!

  • DeirdreMundy

    OK, this is probably a dumb question, but…when you posted the interview with him, did you already know he was your brother?

    Or were you reading him before you knew that he was yours?

  • bob cratchit

    I started reading his blog a year ago or something. Mainly to try to understand more about people who struggle with ssa and chose to stay chaste and in the Church. My beautiful 21 year old daughter has come out with ssa and has stopped attending Church about 2 years ago. So this comes as refreshing news. God bless your parents.

  • Nancy

    Very cool that he’s your brother! He’s been such an inspiration for a good friend of mine, who wanted to stop living with the title “lesbian” as her foremost identity, and instead live with “follower of Christ” at the forefront. I will be praying for him as the inevitable haters come knocking . . .

  • Julie

    Wow! This is pretty cool.

  • richard

    I have been reading the blogs of your brother Joseph for a while now.

  • Danielle M.

    If I wasn’t sleep deprived and paying more attention, I might have known. I love both of your blogs. Thank you both for “going public” not that it changes the strength of your witness in any way. I have gay friends who are striving to be faithful Catholics (I love one of them so much that he Is my son’s Godfather and I can’t imagine a better role model for him), and I know how difficult it is for them, just as it is difficult for my single non-gay friends. I have always found your brother’s blog articles to be helpful to me in understanding their struggles.

  • Quid

    I’m so freakin’ glad I’m related to these people!

  • Ha! I knew it! Quite a while ago, Steve/Joey mentioned his Jewish heritage, then more recently that he was from New Hampshire and a Thomas More alum. That plus the brilliant sense of humor made it easy to see that the two of you had to be related and most likely, siblings. Now to go over there and wish him the best.

  • Claire

    This brought tears to my eyes. I have read several of your interviews with “Steve Gershom” through the years, and have greatly admired him. I remember one interview in particular that was posted on Faith&Family Live, and one commenter left a nasty comment. Now that I know that Steve is your brother, I’m getting teary thinking about how much that comment must have hurt (both you and him). Thanks to both you and Steve for your honesty and commitment.

  • Andrea

    Your parents must be kvelling with pride to have so many thoughtful, well-spoken children! Honestly, it must be good genes or good nurture that they turned out so many thinking, decent kids!

  • Nayhee

    You both live in the Northeast, you both are great writers, you both have Jewish ancestry, he has a sister with a load of kids…You’d think I’d have figured it out before. What the heck. This has made my day.

  • Monica A

    Wow! Love both of you! I’ve been following “Steve” for some time. What a gift he is to so many! And now I feel a new kinship with you, as one of my family members also has same-sex attraction (although not, for now, embracing the Church’s wisdom on it).

    Fascinating timing on this. Just earlier this week, I’ve been an active participant in the comboxes in your National Catholic Register story on Pope Francis being pro-life, and had the opportunity to talk about homosexuality in a way that seemed to be appreciated by others. ( ) I’m the Monica who posted on 8/9 and 8/10, not the one who posted on 8/11.

    God be with Joey! Catholics, especially clergy who have lost their confidence that the Church’s wisdom is good news, desperately need to hear voices like his so that they have living examples of what a great gift the Church is to those with same-sex attraction.

  • Maura Shea

    So great. Thank you Simcha, and thank you Joseph. Your blogs have helped me so much.